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13-06-2005, 06:19 AM
Hi i need help with a windows problem. I removed a virus from our computer by getting rid of it's entries in the registry (only those related to the virus of course) as the virus/spyware wasn't picked up by spybot/avg/ad-aware. But now explorer windows seem to take 10 seconds to start after intially clicking them instead of straight away like normal. Everything else in the system seems to run alright including games etc.. but anything tied to the explorer window loads very slowly including the recycle bin and internet explorer window. Nothing out of the ordinary is loaded when using ctrl-alt-delete to look at programs running. When i run msconfig there are no startup processes that are suspect at all either as i removed them as well with the virus. I have restarted the computer about 10 times and theres no trace of the virus left anywhere but i still have this problem. Thanks in advance. :help: :help:

OS: Windows ME
Motherboard : Asus cusi-m
Cpu: 733mhz pentium 3
Ram: 256 mb sdram 133mhz
40 gb hdd
Only avg, zonealarm, asusprobe (temprature monitoring), steam and a few other programs that are legit are running.

13-06-2005, 08:45 AM
Get a copy of HijackThis and run a scan to see what really is running. The three-finger salute (CTRL/ALT/DETETE) won't show you all the facts.Get HijackThis here (http://www.majorgeeks.com/download3155.html)

Use that site as a mirror, and click on the Australian link.

Most anybody here will be glad to give you a hand with it after you have posted the results. :thumbs: