View Full Version : Wanted VB.NET/C#.NET or Delphi Programmer for linkcheck.co.nz

11-06-2005, 01:37 AM
linkcheck.co.nz It's currently just scanning the internet for free....

Checking links and reporting to people the errors [for free].

I have some free bandwidth i am using.

I developed a schedule with PHP that goes through and syncrhonises the sites.

However Redirect("Location: x.php"); has issues

either nothing can be sent to the browser and it times out fast OR you can send to the browser in which case redirect doesn't work

What I would like
Windows Application: VB.NET / C#.NET / Delphi SOURCE CODE which:

1. Loads IE with a url i can specify
2. when it finishes loading it can check that the same projectid hasn't reloaded
3. if it reloads the same project id it emails the admin
4. if it fails to load then it loads a singleton load class for stubborn sites / large ones.
5. Does steps 2/3 then if it fails here it emails the admin again.

6. has time out value for application in minutes, time delay before reloads. time start and time finish specifyable.

I am willing to code it myself a bit if someone can lend a hand

so far i haven't made a cent from this but i have reported 800-900 broken links to the likes of xtra, clear, ihug and others.

I Havent Yet learnt windows application programming