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25-05-2005, 10:20 PM
Hi there

I am running windows XP and have a Dynalink RTA 300

I am wanting to play online games but this is restricting it. I am not sure if i need to open some more ports ( i have 2302,2303 halo ports and 6500,6700 gamespy ports. I have this problem with all of my online games.


25-05-2005, 10:36 PM

By default, Halo connects to the Internet through the following ports:

80 (Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)) Auto-update looks for and downloads updates through this port.
2302 (User Datagram Protocol (UDP)) - Game host listens on this port.
2303 (UDP) - Game client connects to host through this port.

You can set the Host and Client ports if you have to customize Halo to work on your network. If your network is configured in such a way that the default port range does not work, you must set the ports to values that you know will work. To customize the Host and Client ports for your network, follow these steps:

Start Halo.
Click Profiles.
Select the profile that you want to change network settings for.
Click OK.
Click Settings, and then click Network Setup.
Click Host Port or click Client Port, and then type the correct number as appropriate.
Click OK.

Halo is set up to search for updates but cannot do this successfully if the proxy settings are incorrect.

Halo uses the same proxy settings as Microsoft Internet Explorer when checking for updates.

To check these proxy settings, follow these steps:

Start Internet Explorer.
On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
Click the Connections tab.

If you connect to the Internet manually, double-click the appropriate connection in the list at the top.
If you connect through a local area network (LAN), click LAN Settings.

In the Proxy Server text boxes, make sure that the settings are set correctly for the proxy server that you or your network administrator has set up.
If you are connected to the Internet and can reach http://www.microsoft.com, your proxy settings are set correctly.



25-05-2005, 10:55 PM
Source of original article copied above:

Known multiplayer issues in Halo: Combat Evolved (http://www.kbalertz.com/kb_829469.aspx).

Generally it is good to provide the link or mention the source of your information when you are directly copying and pasting other people's work. Allows them to read the article in full and perhaps find other helpful links that might be mentioned. :)