View Full Version : USB Mass storage icon missing in XP

24-05-2005, 06:19 PM
I have a PC running windoze XP home. Up til recently, when plugging in a USB mass storage drive, the green "Mass storage safe removal" icon has appeared in the task tray.
Now it doesn't appear. The drive however does show up in explorer and functions perfectly ok.
Unplugging the device disconnects it without any problems and no warning pops up to say that a device has been disconnected without first using the "safe removal".
Any ideas how to get this icon back?
Plugging the drive into a different PC brings up the icon Ok.

Plugging in a USB memory stick brings up the safe removal icon Ok - so it is just the mass storage drive that is not bringing the icon up.

24-05-2005, 06:32 PM
You can right-click on the icon under My Computer and select "Eject" so that the device can be safely removed.

Have you checked to make sure the icon in the systray is not set to "always hide"? You can check this by right-clicking on a clear space on the taskbar and selecting Properties. Down the bottom you will see an option for auto-hiding icons so if you click on Advanced (or Customise - can't remember the correct label), you will see a list of all the icons that appear in your systray. Beside each you can pick whether they are to be displayed "always", "only when active" or "always hide".