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23-05-2005, 03:38 PM
Hi All
First time here and not so young and switched on, so bear with me. First off, My PC is new, P4 3.4, 1000+ whatsits of mem. etc. and I bought it naked, no Op Syst installed, and I installed everything myself, including XP sp2. I was assured that I could install Win XP Home, complete, from my XP Home upgrade disc and not have to start with Win 98, which is what I did. No problems all seems fine. Except!!!
1 On the Ihug home page, in the top left corner there should be a animated sort of pic. It is there on my old PC, but on this one it is not there. Also same web page, when I click on the news headlines, I get with Mozilla the message "Connection refused when attempting to connect to c.morover.com", and with Explorer the dreaded "page unavailable" window
2 I have a whizzy-pop new mobile phone with Bluetooth connectivety. I have installed the software and updated it from the Nokia website but when I try to "pair it" with my PC, by using the Connect Phone Button I get a window saying it has found a Bluetooth stack and Bluetooth(Microsoft) is highlighted.Click "Next" and I get a " Cannot use connection" message.
I have been into Control Panel/System and there is no Bluetooth icon there.
The question is, "where has my Bluetooth gone?".
I hope someone can help me with this and thanks in anticipation
Wrinklyme :badpc:

Graham L
23-05-2005, 05:18 PM
Welcome to PressF1.

1. The Explorer and Mozilla messages are probably different ways of saying the same thing. ;) What is c.morover.com ?

2. This is probably a security setting stopping the connection being made. The SP2 "upgrade" will have locked lots of things by default.

Where are the XPerts?

23-05-2005, 05:29 PM
Yeah, I agree, both messages are each browsers way of saying the same thing, but I need to now why I can't access these pages. On my old PC I had no prob.
As far as the Bluetooth thing goes, why has it not been installed? I have rerun the SP2 disc and still can't find it!!!!!!!!