View Full Version : Using Ghost 2003 TCP peer to peer problem, please help!

18-05-2005, 04:37 PM
I am trying to use ghost 2003 TCP peer-to-peer to ghost disk from 1 computer to antoher computer, one of them uses Intel 100 network card, another uses sis 900 network card. both ghost 2003 are the same lasest version. after both computers connected in DOS Ghost Mode, I used Disk to Disk, both disk are 30GB, the transfer rate is very slow, it shows time remaining like 2000 hours left. Does anyone has any exp on TCP peer-to-peer by Norton Ghost 2003?
PS:both computer has same hardware.

18-05-2005, 04:46 PM
We have about 20 computers, 3 different type.
5 computers: CPU: AMD 2.5G, MB: A7N8x-x, Memory: 512MB, HD: 80GB, VideoCard: 9600XT 256MB.

5 Computers:CPU: AMD 1.8G, MB: ECS, Memory: 512MB, HD: 30GB, Videocard 9600pro 256MB

10 computers: CPU: INTEL P4 1.6G, MB:ECS, Memory: 512MB, HD: 20GB, Videocard 9600pro 256MB

Any Ghost Img solution for these build? thx

18-05-2005, 08:31 PM
Its not what NICs are in them, its what speed your network is running at.
I have done it ages ago but found it really slow. Way faster to take the hard drive out of one, put it in the other and ghost it that way.

18-05-2005, 09:09 PM
I like the universal tcp/ip bootdisk (http://www.netbootdisk.com/)

It is pretty easy to use and the documentation is there and it is free. Obviously it is best on 100 Mbit or faster network (and with network cards/switches that don't slow down with large file transfers).

But yes a second hard disk will be much quicker..

As for different hardware -choose

1) Sysprep - search on microsofts' kb for that (be prepared for lots of experimentation)
2) Universal Imaging Utility see here (http://www.binaryresearch.net/UIU.htm) but they want $$$

Build the "master" image on the PC with the smallest hard drive, not using hyperthreading, ideally with no add-on cards and make sure it isn't faulty.

I've may a good sysprep'd image for XP with SP2 slipstreamed in, and with Office 2003, other freeware apps and settings etc. Basically it means I just have to add the virus scanner and set up the final user account and thats it after ghosting the new PC.

There is a bit of work in getting a nice image but it saves lots of time in the end and of course everything is consistent.