View Full Version : Runtime Error in Word 2000

13-09-2000, 05:08 PM
Not sure if anyone can help, but I have a problem with a laptop I am working on. I'll explain it as best I can and what steps I have taken to try and resolve this error.

First of all the machine has a win98se install with MS Works Suite as far as all the apps go they appear to run fine, accept of course for MS Word 2000. You can use this program till your hearts content. But the problem appears when you go to close word and you get the following error (it dosn't make much diffence how you try and close word Alt + F4 etc).
'Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library - Runtime Error! c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\winword.exe. abnormal program termination'

Seems like a normal error and that I should be able to find a fix with MS Technet, but still no real results. I have tried to contact MS, but still with no luck.

I also have reinstalled MS Works Suite but the error message still remains. I know that if I reinstall a fresh copy of Win98 that this will fix the problem but I'm leaving this for my last resort as I think this error maybe able to be fixed (somehow. So if anyone can please help that would be awesome.