View Full Version : Excel 2000 microsoft visual basic device I/O error

12-09-2000, 01:54 PM
Over the past 4 months I keep getting a error message each time that I open Excel 2000. The error message read as:
'Microsoft Visual Basic device I/O error' and gives 2 options - press OK or press HELP. The bachground screen shows the toolbars but the spreadsheet grid doesn't appear. When I press OK the spreadsheet grid does appear and I can them use Excel without any further problems. when I press HELP I get the following message: 'Device I/O Error (Error 57) specifics - External devices are sometimes subject to unanticipated errors. This error has the following cause and solution: An input or output error occured while your program was using a device such as a printer or disk drive. make sure the device is operating properly, and then retry the operation.'
I don't use a printer nor an external disk drive.
I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Excel from my hard drive and have used the Microsoft Office 2000 disc to attempt to correct the Excel error, without success. I've also tried looking in Device Manager in My Computer to see if the list of devices contains a device with a yellow mark around it, but all devices listed appear to be OK.
Can you suggest any other solutions to removing the error message?