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28-04-2005, 11:08 PM
I have a serious error occurring with a project I have underway. I have recently been given a Celeron 750 PC with 256mg ram and only 2gig hard drive and Win 95. I took the hard drive out and put in my daughters 10 gig hard drive and a legally licenced version of Win XP pro. Everything seems to be working well but every 30 mins or so the computer suffers from a serious error and reboots itself. The error message that comes up following reboot states the following.

BCCode: 1000007f
Bcp1: 00000008
Bcp2: 80042000
Bcp3: 00000000
Bcp4: 00000000
OSVer : 5_1_2600
SP : 0_0
Product : 256 - 1.

What I would like to know is what is my next step in tracking down where the problem lies. Any hints greatly appreciated.

P.S. No real problem with external software as there is only the bare requirements added. i.e. no printers, scanners etc. there is a VIA Audio driver which I have my suspicions about. Help please......

New Teach.

Speedy Gonzales
29-04-2005, 07:49 AM
Sounds similar to this


This looks like a common error.

It maybe a ram problem.

I would open the case, (with the system turned off), and see if the memory is in properly, and test the memory with something like memtest.

29-04-2005, 09:04 AM
When you "put in my daughters 10 gig hard drive and a legally licenced version of Win XP pro", are you saying that XP was already installed on the HDD (from another PC?)

If so, that would be a prime reason, as all the drivers would be wrong. A fresh install on the Celeron would be needed.

29-04-2005, 09:33 AM
Thanks for answering Speedy and Godfather, no I completely wipped my daughters hard drive and reinstalled XP from scratch.

29-04-2005, 09:06 PM
there was a virus a while back which rebooted the XP computer, might be worth a scan.

30-04-2005, 12:53 AM
Thanks guys for all your help. I ran that mem checker and found a few errors. Turned out to be a problem with a trident 3d card. I disabled it and have had now reboots since. Thanks again guys.