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25-04-2005, 12:37 AM
IE unable to access secure sites. Unable to do fixes re secure posts etc as only have Restore CD. In addition wanted to complete restore as machine runing slow but Adaware and SkyBot only fine small number of issues and remove them. But still no better.
Tried to run my no " r"restore CD but appears to start loading and then just sits there. Message "loading from ** cd drive. I dont have that CD drive anymore as it failed. But does show first Image window?
PC about 4 yrs old 1800mhz 512mb memory approx 2.4 gig of 10 gig c Drive spare. 2nd partition on "c" used for bits and pieces. 2nd HD used for data backup etc.

Any Ideas Thanks

Murray P
25-04-2005, 01:00 AM
Was the Restore CD made as a Windows Rescue CD or is it a vendors' CD with Windows included amongst other utilities and software?

What version of Windows?

25-04-2005, 12:24 PM
Hi Murry P
Win XP Pro

Restore dsk 1 has following 9 files labeled
ASNEW.002 to ASNEW.010 size 107,904 to 16,768Kb
1 BOOTCAT 2kb AVG updatefile
1 BOOtIMG 2880Kb updatefile

Restore dsk 2 has following.
ASNEW.011 to ASNEW.060 range size 7808 Kb to 11,777Kb

Restore disk 3
Windows Pro. 15 digit ascii code & 10 digit ascii code written on it.
When loaded into CD with PC running in windows comes up with installation items
1 install
2 install options
3 additioal tasks
4 check sys combatability

Rescure disk 4
Office Pro 20 digit ascii code & 5 digit ascii code
Has 5 dir, & auto run, cd key, office 1proplus reademe,setup files

Have tried rebooting without my boot HDrive in, still no go.
have tried reboot with boot and backup doc H drive out and still no go.
PC appears to load up basic bootup files and hangs after displaying Power Guest 5.0 screen.

Rescue disk 2 will not boot up at all, just lists contents of CD

Thanks :confused:

25-04-2005, 12:42 PM
Opps. CD's supplied with my PC when purchased from Shop.