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Murray P
24-04-2005, 12:19 AM
Read the top bit and then go down to the bottom if you want to skip the blather in between ;)

Primary Master, 80GB, (C D E F). Primary Slave, 40GB (I J + 2 linux) Secondary Slave (K). CD/DVD is Secondary Master, have a card reader listed in drives, no card in at mo.

This system dual boots between win2k and Linux via Lilo.

While in Windows (2000 SP4 + latest updates applied earkier in week), heard a strange zzzzzzz zzzzzzzz zzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzz, traced it to the box but it stopped before I could get a fix on it. It sounded very much like a small bee trapped im a small space. Anyway, about 1/2 hour later I get a BSOD out of nowhere (as you do), Stop: 0x0000007A, (0xC02F FE50, 0xC000000E, 0x.... etc, etc) address BFF943F8, etc, Data dump etc, atapi.sys ooohhhh goodie, no response at all, hit reset,

then I get:

Detecting Primary Master (press F4 to skip)


to a black screen with Press Any Key To Reboot, no other info. No Lilo boot loader, hmm this looks serious.

Went to the BIOS, all drives set to auto except the secondary master isn't listed but, at least it doesn't say NONE.

A few reboots and fiddle with BIOS settings later with no results, I pop in a Live Mepis CD. All goes well, I can see, mount and browse all drives. I spend the afternoon backing up last weeks neglected backup since Tuesday to another computer on the network (via Samba) plus another bunch of stuff as insurance.

Tried to boot again without success. Opened her up and checked all the cables, no buzzy bee since the first time. Fiddle in the BIOS again, detection seems a bit erratic with the CD/DVD not correctly detected and the seconadary master on auto but no details listed as per other drives. Out and back in to the BIOS and the DVD is now correctly shown.

Save and exit, we have a Lilo now, choose windows and away we go. While windows was starting (before logon) I get the buzzy bee back, but only for a few seconds, listening to the drives with the side of the case off, I'm hearing slightly more rats running on metal sounds from the two primary drives, (there's a strong possibility I'm imagining this, more aware, case off, etc.).

Once in windows all is well, I tried to enduce the buzz opeining a bunch of programmes and files all at once (including Photoshop and about 30 6MB images), nothing, everthings sweet. Event log tells me I have an incomplete memory dump, nothing else out of the ordinary. Hmm the rats are running again, defintiely coming from the drive region, can't isolate it exactly, I'm sure it's louder than the normal disk access sounds which I can hear from time to time as well, no HDD activity on the LED either, very strange??

I haven't run any disk utilities yet, disk diagnostics only enabled for the primary master.

I'll be getting anew drive pretty soon but, the 0x7A error can be hardware (bad blocks, cable, etc) or software (page file, drivers, HAL), there is no mention of atapi.sys with this error although atapi definitely points to the an HDD issue of some sort. Has anyone experienced this particular error and the resulting boot issues? Has it meant a dead drive, sooner or later?

Sam I Am
24-04-2005, 12:33 AM
Im picking that the drive is munted.

Do you have SMART enabled?

Check the drive makers site as they should have diagnostic tools you can use. Other than that good luck. At least you have made the backups you need.

Murray P
24-04-2005, 01:44 AM
Already have Seagate DicWizard, have just run the extended test. It's of on the primary master but the primary slave is being interrupted and rest, ie; no result for the test but the rattles and buzzy bee take off during the test. Tried the shorter test just for that drive, still won't complete it :badpc:

That drive has the Linux partitions on it, I: is Fat32, J is reisrfs, etc. MBR etc, is on 0 or hda1 but Lilo iirc is called from 1 or (partition) hda6. No Lilo no MBR no boot = non bootable? Maybe one of the nix people could confirm my thinking. Will need a refresher on shooting Lilo and restoring the mbr for win2k only on C.

The drive is just out of warranty too :(

24-04-2005, 02:39 AM
hmmm ms kb (http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;130801)

Time to boot off a knoppix CD or something and shift that data off pronto...

Murray P
24-04-2005, 03:08 AM
hmmm ms kb (http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;130801)

Time to boot off a knoppix CD or something and shift that data off pronto...

Yeah, had a look at that one after I'd booted Mepis and shifted the important stuff to another PC via Samba, which was the first thing I did before even looking or attempting to fix anything.

Just done more checks using windows checkdisk, no errors? I suspect it not so much the disc itself but the mechanical parts which are throwing intermittent hissy fits. BTW, the 0x7A error doesn't exactly match the issue, doing a search for atapi errors doens't quite do it either but, there's enough there to ahve me sufficiently worried.

Sam I Am
24-04-2005, 10:05 AM
fdisk /mbr has always done it for me. Not so sure about 2k though as I've never really used it.

24-04-2005, 10:05 AM
Buzzy bees are fairly common depending on make and model of drive. Rats on metal is not healthy.
I think you've already diagnosed the primary slave has the problem.
Take it out and then see how your PC runs without it.

Murray P
24-04-2005, 05:01 PM
Thanks for your input peeps. Just wanted confirmation I guess and reassurance that I haven't missed something.

It seems to be behaving itself today, which will be temporary state at best. The buzzy bees (more like an angry wasp trapped in a metal container) are definitely not usual for these drives, at first I thought it was shorting then maybe there was a buzzer in my machine I didn,t know about, it's not the system speaker though, ID'd to the drive as close as I can. I agree, the rats running across corrugated iron are a worry. It's all backed up now, so the only interest is in how long? Could run a sweepstake, $1 in, guess the nearest day/hour/ to failure ;)

The fixmbr or fixboot commands won't work with a non-windows boot loader, I'll have to disable the loader first. Last time I tried to disable Lilo and roll back to win2k boot, I stuffed it up to the point where nothing would boot and my partition table contained erronious info.

24-04-2005, 08:19 PM
what a weird noise.....

24-04-2005, 09:15 PM
Could run a sweepstake, $1 in, guess the nearest day/hour/ to failure ;) Ok... I'm in for Thurs 3.00pm. Although he doesn't know it yet, Metla will pay my $1 :p

Murray P
25-04-2005, 12:46 AM
Ok... I'm in for Thurs 3.00pm. Although he doesn't know it yet, Metla will pay my $1 :p

Ok. duly noted.

I'm going to take the hour before I intend to do my next big, important backup (you know! the one I put off the day before), which will be 10:00am Friday 29th of April. The reason I've chosen the morning is beacuase I'll be expecting to be completing other tasks rather than pi**ing around with the machine and I'll be expecting delevery of the new drive in the afternoon (I'll have the wrong Friday of course, the courier company will have the correct one).

On the other hand I could have started a drive burn in test at 9:15am :D

Murray P
27-04-2005, 10:41 PM
Looks like it is Wednesday 5:25pm. Being the closest Mythix, I guess you take the whole pool of $2.00. Better drops Met's a line before he scarpers :lol:

Whent out with a Stop: 0x00000077 (C000000E, 0x000000, 0x...........) Kernel_Stack_Inpage_Error

The 2nd parameter is more common to 0x0000007B Inaccessable_Boot_Device errors. Surprise, surprise, although this is drive I not C (see below for where boot is loaded from).

I'm using Mepis again, although I managed to get to the Lilo boot screen, I backed out to have a look at the drives without touching any. I can't mount any of the Linux partitions hdb* (miss-quoated in my original post as hdd). So, if I can't get back into windows 2k, how do I nix the need for the Lilo loader if I can't get into Linux. In my experience fixmbr & fixboot does not work when the boot is on a Linux drive/partition which then boots up Windows.

I've tried to check the drive using reiserfsck, then tried to fix the super-block (no magic super-block number). Extracts from output:

reiserfsck --check --logfile check.log /dev/hdb5

reiserfs_open: the reiserfs superblock cannot be found on /dev/hdb5.
Failed to open the filesystem.

reiserfsck --rebuild-sb --logfile rebuild.log /dev/hdb5

reiserfs_open: the reiserfs superblock cannot be found on /dev/hdb5.

(Some Q&A)

Reiserfs super block in block 16 on 0x345 of format 3.6 with standard journal
Count of blocks on the device: 1280032
Number of bitmaps: 40
Blocksize: 4096
Free blocks (count of blocks - used [journal, bitmaps, data, reserved] blocks): 0
Root block: 0
Filesystem is NOT clean
Tree height: 0
Hash function used to sort names: not set
Objectid map size 0, max 972
Journal parameters:
Device [0x0]
Magic [0x0]
Size 8193 blocks (including 1 for journal header) (first block 18)
Max transaction length 1024 blocks
Max batch size 900 blocks
Max commit age 30
Blocks reserved by journal: 0
Fs state field: 0x1:
some corruptions exist.
sb_version: 2
inode generation number: 0
UUID: 75a5db9b-6acb-4963-b753-6a900cc08da9
Set flags in SB:
Is this ok ? (y/n)[n]: y
The fs may still be unconsistent. Run reiserfsck --check.

reiserfsck --check started at Wed Apr 27 04:05:57 2005
Replaying journal..
No transactions found
Checking internal tree..

Bad root block 0. (--rebuild-tree did not complete)

root@ttyp1[~]# reiserfsck --rebuild-tree --logfile rebuild.log /dev/hdb5

Replaying journal..
No transactions found
reiserfsck --rebuild-tree started at Wed Apr 27 04:12:53 2005

Pass 0:
Loading on-disk bitmap .. ok, 294539 blocks marked used
Skipping 4259 blocks (super block, journal, bitmaps) 789164 blocks will be read
0%....20%....40%....60%....80%....100% left 0, 5760 /sec
Selected hash ("r5") does not match to the hash set in the super block (not set).
"r5" hash is selected
Read blocks (but not data blocks) 789164
Leaves among those 0
Objectids found 2

Pass 1 (will try to insert 0 leaves):
Looking for allocable blocks .. finished

0 leaves read
0 inserted

No reiserfs metadata found. ..................blah blah


The last line about sums it up. The drive is partitioned into several Linux partitions and 1 fat32 Windows one at the beginning of the drive, which is still mountable. If I installed, say, Mepis to that partition (it uses Grub), will I end up with a mess, or can I retrieve or overwrite the boot sector via Grub or place it on hda1/C: and be able to boot windows? I don't think relaoding WIndows over the top of itself will work BTW.

28-04-2005, 12:57 AM
metal sounds from the two primary drives
They always say that's the sign of a dying harddrive :stare:

28-04-2005, 01:14 AM
They always say that's the sign of a dying harddrive :stare:

They were probably just after your money... I think that hard drives are just going into their teenage years when they start making heavy metal noises. It's just a phase.

Disclaimer: This is not advice.

28-04-2005, 01:44 AM
I think I know what sound you are referring to, but that's not what I was thinking of.

More like the one that accompanies BSOD's, freezes, data loss, boot failure etc.

28-04-2005, 02:03 AM
Murray P, how old was your Hard Drive approx? How much usage everyday? Did you leave it running all the time or switch off when not using it? Was it a SeaGate drive? Is it in your home or in an outside environment ie variable temps in outside shed? I always try to put frequently used files (ie temp internet files, Firefox Cache, Opera Cache etc) on a separate hard drive from the OS not just on a separate partition so that the heads are not moving large distances all the time, do you do this?

Murray P
28-04-2005, 03:09 AM
I'm back. Thank you all for your concern XoXo XXXo

Last time I was posting via the Mepis live CD. I'm now posting from win2k. I'll give you one of my, uhmm, brief rundowns.

It's only the one drive that's failing (of 3). Drive I: according to windows and /dev/hdb according to Linux. It was storage for windows and Linux partitions for, um, Linux. The Windows partition is still there, all the Linux ones are toast, as I could not mount them to access nor repair them, so they got the chop, stomped e'm, nixed, rubbed, deleted. I've left the Windows one alone for the mo, everything is all backed up, but if 2k throws another bluey, I'll pull the plug (we can't be too hasty, there's a bet on which would be defaulted if artificial means were to be used. The rats are doing there tap thing from time to time as I tap this out on the keyboard).

The fix was courtesy of EBCD (Emergency Boot CD). First the partition with the Linux boot loader had to go, then I needed to fix the MBR. Unfortunately, to add insult to injury my rather scratched win2k CD wouldn't boot even after a carefull clean, Murphey the sod at it again, anyway, I booted up EBCD, and re-wrote the MBR from there. Easy peesy :rolleyes:

The drive that's going belly up is 40GB Seagate, about 3 1/2 years old. It used to be the Windows boot drive, then Linux and stroage. It's in it's second machine and has been swapped in and out a few times. It's had plenty of use, about a dozen differnet OS's, I don't tend to leave the PC on for more than 12-14 hrs a day unless I'm downloading big files overnight. It's resides in my home office. I've had a good run with Seagate drives, this is the first to die on me although, I've had three or four of other makes clap out ove rthe years this is the first in years. BTW, the reason there was not a sudden and catastrophic failure was that most of my data was already backed up. The final bit was done the other day (see Live CD in post above) and I have approached the task with religious zeal ever since.

And the silver lining in this little cloud? The financial controller now see's the wisdom in having a PC with RAID, and the most economical way to get a RAID controller is....... Yesssss, a new motherboard. And while I'm getting a new motherboard it seems kind of silly not to upgrade the CPU a little bit (an Asus socket 939 has caught my eye). And......., well you know how it goes, you can all see the logic in taking these sensible precautions after a hard drive failure can't you! I'm a bit stuck on the video card though. Pure Bliss :cool:

Murray P
28-04-2005, 03:43 AM
BTW. You're all welcome to join in the sweepstake.

I understand Metla's underwriting it, so don't delay, put a virtual buck or 3 on it.

28-04-2005, 09:38 PM
Murray P, thanks for all the info on your hard drive, I have SeaGate Barracuda 40Gig, which I am hoping will last for at least 10 years as I see my computer as an on going work of art and I am taking all possible precautions to ensure long life.