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23-04-2005, 02:56 AM
I have a D-Link dsl-504g Router and would like to set up port forwarding ot allow file trasnfer while using Aim via Trillian...

I have done a little reading and found the ports that and found that...

AIM Direct Connect uses port 4443.
and AIM File Transfers default port is 5190.

I have found this guide on setting up port forwarding on my router...


and this guide on setting up a static IP address to get portforwarding to work...


I have spoken to other people that have not had to set up a static address for their router and was wondering if these guides were actually any good?

I am completly new to ports/routers etc...

I am also using Zonealarm and do I have read that I may need to setup portforwarding on this as well... But I have not ben able to find any info on doing this.... Anyone have any ideas??

Thanks for any help....


23-04-2005, 12:11 PM
By static IP the guide is talking about local (ie LAN, rather than internet) IP. Chances are that if you only have one or two PCs connected to the router then an automatically assigned IP address would be fine, as, I've found, usually Windows assigns the same IPs to the same PCs... the only time an IP changes is if the usual IP has been assigned to another PC.


Leaving an automatically assigned IP address should be fine - just find out what the current IP address for your PC is, and set the port-forwarding to that PC. You'll only have issues if the PC is ever assigned a different IP address. My IP addresses are automatically assigned, and my port-forwarding works fine (and I've never noticed my IP address to have changed).


23-04-2005, 12:38 PM