View Full Version : Partitioning and FAT16

10-09-2000, 10:53 AM
What would be the minimum number of partitions required on a 2.1GB hard drive running Windows 95a and FAT 16 in order to maximise disk space?
The BIOS on the old machine will not recognise the larger size hard drive (upgraded the hard drive from 365MB disk to the 2.1GB disk) so I run the Seagate Ontrack program to allow access to the bigger disk. Would having a 500MB 'C: drive' and two other equivalent-sized drives (ie 800MB each) have the same effect on maximised disk space as 6 partitions of 350MB each (the Ontrack program's default)?

I don't want to install Win 95b with FAT 32 as I don't want Internet Explorer on the machine hogging unnecessary space (it is not connected to the internet).