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15-04-2005, 09:29 AM
everytime i shut down MS outlook 2002 (running xp prof sp2) on pc at work (end of day) i get a windows message basically saying "there have been changes to the global template, normal.dot, do you want to save changes bollox"

jst gets on me t*ts a bit, where do i go to prevent this popping up (apart from home and saying bugger to it all) - am thinking i have selected an option that i don't really need (help doesnt give me much, too lazy to dig deeper (at least me honest) and easier to dig youse guys/ladies brains/wealth of knowledge) :@@:

have a great weekend yawl


Speedy Gonzales
15-04-2005, 09:59 AM
Might be similar to this


If u have Nortons, and it has the office plugin option ticked.