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09-04-2005, 02:39 AM
I have a IBM Thinkpad 390 laptop which displays the following error at startup:

Save to Disk partition not found.
Save To Disk Partition feature is disabled
Run PhDisk for information. File. Create New. Partition. Consult manual

If I hit escape the computer will boot and run normally. The computer originally ran Windows 98. I used a boot disk to take the computer to dos and ran FDISK then reformatted and reinstalled clean. When that didn't work I updated to Windows XP Pro. The error remains but doesnt' seem to effect the computer at all. I was told a couple things about this error. One that it was Linux related, and other that it has to do with hibernation functions in Windows 98 and below. I don't mind having to reformat again, but I'd like to get rid of this error.. help?

09-04-2005, 07:19 AM
Hi libbyr

Your error relates to your laptops hibernation feature which has been enabled in the BIOS but you are now missing that hibernation file. Did you upgraded the memory in this laptop before this started to happen as this could of triggered it.

IBM has this advice here (http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/document.do?lndocid=DSHY-42RTEB), but it is only valid for Win95/98/ME and not XP.

The hibernation utility file can be extracted off your Install Disk - Default diskette factory - ThinkPad 390, 1720 (http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/document.do?lndocid=DSHY-42CUJM). But this utility wil not work under XP.

Looking at the specifications (http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/document.do?lndocid=LWIK-3ZQNXX) of your laptop (even if you have upgraded the memory), your laptop is well under the recommended specifications to run XP and you would probably notice just how slow it is. It would be best to reformat the laptop again, create the hibernation partition and put Win98 back on. :)