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21-03-2005, 09:33 PM
Hi Everyone, Hope you can help. I've been away from work for a few weeks and the staff managed to turn the firewall(ZA) off and not update the Antivirus (AVG). After updating and turning both on, I found 6 viruses on the server which is connected to the web by dial up. I have 2 other machines networked (Win 95 and 98) both of which were working perfectly last time I saw them. However when I now try to access the server (either shared files or printers) from either of the other 2 machines I get asked for a password. There has never been a password set up and I can find no reference to network passwords on the XP (SP1) server. The problem is not Zone alarm or firewall generated as it still exists with ZA turned off. Attempting to network a laptop (XP Home) Resulted in being able to access the laptop from the server but being denied access the other way, although the laptop could see the other computer. Is this problem related to the viruses or is there somwhere on the server I can go to reset any access passwords. The puzzling thing is that the older computers can still access a SQL database on the server without any password issues. Any Ideas??

22-03-2005, 01:47 AM
Wish you spaced this out into paragraphs, hard to see the relevant information. Anyways...

Trying to give answers, XP might contain a password now, or has passwords created on the shared folders/drives/printers. XP SP1 insists on having a password or maybe this is XP SP2.

Is the server WinXP Pro? or Home Ed?

SQL database is a different connection to a Windows network connection, since SQL handles the login process differently to how Windows handles their login process. Nothing strange here, other than the server has got a password on it now, or it requires users to log in.

The trojans/viruses may have caused this, and it's probably to do with the shared devices, if you look at them and remove anything password related on that, that may work, if you make sure the users on Win95 and Win98 have the same login ID as on the WinXP machine, and no passwords set, they too should be allowed on without being prompted for passwords, unless this is something that's been introduced via a Windows Update, which I recall seeing, since they decided having blank passwords wasn't a good thing.


22-03-2005, 01:58 AM
Welcome Tony to PressF1.

It sounds like you are having Network Share Permission problems.

Ive posted about this a few times, search through my history, in particular for a post I directed at Poppa John.

Basically you need to setup your windows user-logins properly for this to work.

Do an advanced search here at PressF1 through my posts and you'll find all the information you need.

22-03-2005, 08:12 PM
Thanks for the help guys :)

I have just tried finding the thread Chilling Silence suggested but to no avail. Sounds like Pappa John had a similar problem but I couldnt sort out what he did to solve it.

The server in my case is XP pro SP1, other comps are 95 and 98SE2. I have been unable to find any reference to any network passwords on the XP server which could have any relavence, I deleted all network passwords under the Administrator settings.

When I tried to network a laptop (XP home) which I had previously successfully networked, I can see both computers in the workgroup from each other, I can access the shared files on the laptop, but when I try to acess the server I am just told I dont have permission and to contact the network administrator (Me!) I was not even asked for a password.

Does this mean that I need to set up the same user on all computers with the same password??

Where do I find the passwords on the XP server that would be relavent to the network. As far as I can make out none of the shared resources have any password protection.

Any further help would be appreciated

Thanks TonyA

22-03-2005, 11:26 PM
Basically it means if you're logged on to a PC as JohnDoe1, then the other PC you're trying to connect to must also have a JohnDoe1 account with the same password.

Its no good having a JoeBloggs91 account on one PC and a JohnDoe1 named account on another, it just creates headaches

Same goes for a JoeBloggs91 account on both PC's but with different passwords.

Make life easy:
Make a new user account on all PC's, call it: Admin
Give the account the same password on all PC's (Yes, it MUST have a password), and then logon to one (Any one) of these PC's with that account.

See how you go from there


22-03-2005, 11:39 PM
Okay on the XP Pro machine there are some things to check out

1. Is Simple File Sharing on or off? Control Panel > Folder Options > View tab > Simple File Sharing (right down the bottom of the items)

2. Is your Guest account on the XP Pro machine enabled?

3. Have you checked out your Local Security Settings? Start>Run->gpedit.msc

The settings to look at here are:
Computer Configuration > Window Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > User Rights Assignment

the items of interest are: Deny Access to this Computer From the Network

Hint: by default the guest account will be listed there

And the next level up under gpedit Security Options

Limit local account use of blank passwords to console login only

Hint: be default this setting is on and will stop the use of blank passwords

See here (http://www.theeldergeek.com/blank_password_network_access.htm)

4. And of course the share permissions on the actual share need to be correct

5. Is Netbios over TCP/IP turned on the XP PRo see ms kb (http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=318030)

Although having said all this the "proper" approach is to have duplicate user accounts on your server that match those on the workstations i..e don't use guest access....

It is also handy to use the net view, net use et. al. command line tools since they tend to actually give you useful error messages with some reference number.

23-03-2005, 09:15 PM
Thanks for the help

However I have set up identical users on all machines still to no avail.

The Deny Access to this computer from network only had SUPPORT_388945a0,Guest (Removing these made no difference)

The 'Access this computer from the network' did not have any entries, I see from my XPpro machine at home that this allows "Everyone,Administrators,users,power users,Backup Operators"

I tried to add the other computers on the network/workgroup but couldnt get it to work: How do I add an individual user here?

So I am still being asked for a password to access the XP machine or printers on it, The other computers see each other perfectly and allow access to files etc

Still trying to access where the password might have been set up on the XP machine

Any more ideas??