View Full Version : Hard Drive and Fatal Exception Errors

03-09-2000, 04:24 PM
1. I have an 8gb gard drive partitioned into 2 sep drives. The pc is now only recoginsing 1 drive of 2gb. all my working files ie word docs etc are on the second drive 6gb. How can I make the system revert to the way it was in recgnising the 8gb hard drive and the two drives?

2. While surfing the net my screen goes blank and comes up with the following errors :
(a) A fatal exception has occurred at 0028:C002ADA7 in VXD F FAT (01) + 0000A3D7
(b) 1717:012F7586
(c) 014F:BFF9A3CO (twice)
(c) Explorer caused a general protection fault in module KRNL386.exe at 0001:00007572
How can i fix this problem so that it no longer happens (I have to reset the pc all the time it happens)

I have a PC Direct discovery 545 32mb ram, Windows 95 and IE 5.5

Thank you