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Billy T
16-03-2005, 03:18 PM
Hi Team

I maintain a Freenet dial up account as a back up for Jetstream and I have four separate email addresses, one for each family member. I joined Freenet in its very early days when it was still actually free, so three of those adddresses are ordinary and relatively common christian names. Being even more common, my name wasn't available though, so I have something a little more complicated.

Over time the automated nasties have found all three of those common names, and they now get so much spam that they are not worth having.

Using Freenet's "contact us" page I have written and asked that they delete these addresses but without any luck. As for a couple of previous messages I have sent on other matters, they seem to take no notice of any messages at all and you never get an answer. A message to the webmaster has gone similarly unanswered.

I have set Mailwasher and Outlook to cease downloading on the affected addresses, but still need and use my own address. Problem is, at a minimum of 50-odd spams per day per address, my mailbox will soon fill up and then I won't get the mail I do want.

I refuse to spend money on their 0900 number to get around their lack of response, so does anybody know a phone line that I can call? I am pretty sure that they are operated by Compass Communications (359 8900) but verification would be nice before I get on the line and start complaining.


Billy 8-{) :help:

16-03-2005, 03:35 PM
You are right. It is owned by Compass

Proof (http://free.net.nz/how5.html)


Billy T
16-03-2005, 07:19 PM
You are right. It is owned by Compass:)
Thanks, I'll give them a call, but how did I manage to miss that! :o

Must be an old profile though, didn't John Fernyhough die in 2003?

Maybe that is why I'm not getting any answers.:p


Billy 8-{)