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15-03-2005, 07:51 AM
I have a windows 95 game called the X files game. It was made by fox interactive in 1997.when I click on the setup/install exe.absolutly nothing happens. the install wizard does not come up and I get no error messages. I've tried the compatibility wizard with all the different settings and that didn't work. I'm running Xp with Amd Athlon Processor @ 2.09 Mhz and A Ati Radeon 9800 pro Graphics card My sound card is from nvidia And for XP I have Service Pack 1 can't seem to load SP2 but that's another issue. Now the funny thing is is that my dad has a computer With Xp Sp2 and a Gforce 5200 graphics card and He can get the games to work fine on his machine He clicks on the exe. and the install wizard comes up asking him where to put the game and so on. but On my computer it does nothing. I also tried another 95 game that I found but that didn't work either same Problem. but on my fathers computer again it worked perfectly. So I'm guessing it's not an XP Problem is it. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. If not thanks for trying.


15-03-2005, 08:18 AM
You double clicked the exe file?

Is it on a CD or was it a zip file or where are you installing it from exactly?

And what do you mean you can't load SP2? What happens? Are you trying to install that from a CD or off the internet from MS?
It may well be related to your game probelm - any more info?

15-03-2005, 12:17 PM
Hello pctek,
The game is on a cd there a seven of them. As far as service pack 2 is concerned it downloaded through the automatic update feature from the internet a while back and asked if I wanted to install it. Since I had no problems with any of the other stuff I've installed from there I said yes. After the installation was complete it said you need to reboot your computer for settings to take effect and when I did it would boot all the way up to the welcome screen then shutdown and reboot again and it would repeat this process over and over until I brought it up in safe mode and either uninstalled it or used system restore.Then my computer would be normal again.

15-03-2005, 01:03 PM
Ah, so SP2 probably was giving an error - if you stopped the reboot process and let it just sit you'd see the BSOD.

You could try copying the files off the first CD onto the hardrive and running the install from there. Can you read the CD ok? That is view all the files? Does it have any copy protection on it?
What brand/speed is your optical drive and what is your fathers?
Could be an issue with it reading protection?
When you double click the install, is it off the CD or do you wait for the autorun bit to come up? Does the auto-run come up? Do you hear the drive spin up like its reading it?

I had a similar problem with a certain brand of DVD but it was a newer game with one of the newer copy protections on it.

Graham L
15-03-2005, 04:31 PM
Isn't there something seriously wrong with an XP installation if it can't successfully install SP2? Or is this a normal thing? :eek:

16-03-2005, 04:03 AM
Hello again pctek,
I've tried copying the files on to my hard drive put all the files in a folder and clicked on the exe. from there and still I get nothing. When I put the cd in my drive an autorun window comes up with 2 options Install or Quit. If I click quit the window goes away and the game doesn't load. If I click Install The same thing. I can read the CD. When I Go to my computer I see a little picture of an X by the drive the disc is in so I right click and go to open and all the files show up. I can open somethings up like the readme file which doesn't help at all. The game utilizes quicktime and there are some videos I can open and play just fine. It just seems to be a problem with the exe's. There are also 2 other exe's on the cd one for quicktime 3.0 & one for direct X 5. now I would not load these because what I have now is better but even when I click on these JUST to see IF they would start I got the same result NOTHING? Not sure about the copyright protection. As far as the drives go I have a 48x cdrw drive and a 16x dvd drive both came with the computer when I bought it in Dec. of 2003. My father has a 52x cdrw & a 16x dvd drive. I have also tried the disk in both of my drives to no avail, Boy computers are weird!?

16-03-2005, 10:15 AM
I'm tempted to say reinstall windows - esp seeing as you had that SP2 problem.

It could be Quicktime - do you have a newer version of Quicktime already installed on your PC - I had that issue with an old game I installed for someone, the new Quicktime caused it - unimstal it and try it again.

But I'd be doing the 1st suggestion. Always a good idea having a clean up anyway. :-)

Has your Father got the same O/S? With the same updates/SPs on it?