View Full Version : virtual CDrom on win2k3 server

10-03-2005, 02:14 AM

I have recently installed alcohol 120% as I really need this software because of its virtual drive capability.

There is a small (but highly nagging) problem. You see, I am running 2 OS, windows XP and windows 2003 server enterprise edition (each on separate partitions), and I installed alcohol on each OS. The software works perfectly with both, but the problem begins when I reboot win2k3 server OS: the windows explorer does not recognize the virtual drive (H in my case) UNLESS I manually open alcohol, and only then alcohol inserts the H drive letter in windows explorer. It is very annoying especially if you have some virtual CDs mounted on the virtual drive, and need them to start at the same time with the windows startup.

This does not happen in winXP: when I reboot winXP, it automatically loads the H virtual drive WITHOUT having to open alcohol.

How can I make that happen in win2k3 also? Is it related to some win2k3 internal settings which prevent this particular OS from performing a drive check at startup?!

Any suggestions/workarounds will be HIGHLY appreciated.

10x in advance, Bobo