View Full Version : SP2 and DCOM Server Process Launcher

09-03-2005, 04:21 PM
For those who like to tweak XP, here's something I discovered today.

In SP2, the service "DCOM Server Process Launcher" must be running if you wish to use to use the defragger. If not, it will start, but when you click analyse or defragment, nothing will happen. So you must either leave this service set to automatic, or set it to manual and start it yourself when you wish to defrag. Note, running the defragger won't start it in manual mode.

This has changed from SP1.

Apparently Black Viper hasn't discovered this yet as these is no explanation under this service on his site.

Oh yeah, this service uses about 3MB of RAM, plus about half that again in virtual.

Happy tweaking.