View Full Version : Clarifying the rules over posting referral links on this forum

08-03-2005, 07:02 PM
Posting referral links

This post is to clarify the rules over posting referral links on this forum. Putting it simply, they are not permitted and are considered the same as spam. Users who post a referral link either in their posts or signatures will have them removed and may have their user account deleted. This is covered by rule No. 7 that was agreed to when registering on this forum.

Explanation on what a referral link is:

Some websites offer a scheme whereby if you sign up you are given a unique link to use to post on the web or in emails etc. This unique link is called a referral link as it is used for tracking who you refer back to the original website. The whole purpose of the link is to earn money, points, products etc for that person. This is why they are not permitted on the forum.

A referral link is a URL to a website that includes a user's ID code in it as a form of identification. One example:


If a person clicks on that link, the website will load and the user 1234 then gets credited with a referral point. The more points user 1234 gets, the higher the reward is given to them. The reward for getting people to view that site (referring) could be products, services or money. This directly benefits the user 1234 who posted the referral link, but has no benefit to those that follow the link.

Please use the Report Bad Post button if you see a referral link posted on the forum.