View Full Version : help with old PC FSB and also onboard graphics

05-03-2005, 11:57 PM

I purchased a second pc the description on trademe said....

This computer has a Celeron processor that will run at 600mhz if 100mhz SDRAM is used. It only has 32mb 66mhz SDRAM in it. With that the processor will run at 400mhz. The FSB frequency x CPU multiplier is locked at 6 maximum, but lower multipliers can be used to set lower CPU speeds.
This system includes:
One Celeron 400-600mhz CPU

anyhow I have some pc 100 sdram so I thought I would try it, now it didn't make a difference that I noticed when booting Knoppix (no HDD)
so I had a look in bios and there was a setting I could change to take the FSB up to 100 which took the pc up to a 600

Is it safe to do this? the chip is a celeron mendicino on a card that fits into a slot1 slot on the motherboard

I have no idea what the motherbord is there are no numbers on it of any use
apart from the following which are for the integrated components
xcel 2000
sis 5595 (has sticker saying "AGP 8Mb")

and as there is no HDD I can't run sisoft or everest on it

Second part

it came with a 1 or 2 mb pci graphics card, but i am assuming the sis 5595 is an onboard graphics thing, if so how would it be enabled as i cant seem to find a setting in the bios, there are jumpers on the board in various places but as to what they do I have not a sausage of an idea.

any help suggestions would be appreciated

I'll check back tomorrow morning thanks

the highlander
06-03-2005, 01:08 AM
If I remember rightly this would be a pc chips mobo. I still have one of those somewhere, an absolute piece of manure it was too.
Mine was a slot one socket/ 370 combo. Ran like a bag of rectums. Dropped drivers all over the place and then one day just stopped, which all things considerd was probably the best thing it ever did.
The reason it got a pci vga card is that the onboard vga is tempermental as hell
Yours MIGHT be this one
MB760 440BX P-II
I would get it going first before any attempt to overclock. PC chips mobo's have enough issues without handling any hassles created by overclocked agp/pci buses

06-03-2005, 08:26 AM
I had a feeling it might be a pc-chips
That one's very similar, but not quite the same, I'll try tracking down a hdd and put everest on it and see what I find.