View Full Version : Stubborn file wont delete

27-02-2005, 01:18 PM
hello, I downloaded the new zone alarm pro update, and when i started my pc i chose not to let a certain windows background process run, this only made it so that i couldn't see how big the download size was of the update, I know its 6.5mb but it 'finished' at 6.35

It went to the desktop in its DOS icon, if i click on it it wont work, this has happened before with corrupt downloads, anywho, i downloaded it again and it worked and installed fine


the corrupt setup file sitting on my desktop REFUSES to be deleted!
ive tried closing all apps, ive tried SAFE MODE, but
zapSetup_55_062_011 wont delete. it says it is being used by another person or program....grr...i am the administrator with full access... any ideas on how to kill it

27-02-2005, 01:35 PM
A multitude of suggestions already have been discussed and you may find your answer there... http://forums.pcworld.co.nz/showthread.php?t=54883