View Full Version : Suse 9.1 Installation Problem

26-02-2005, 06:53 PM
Hi people I got a new HDD 2day made 2 partitions D: and E: i wish to use only E: for Suse but not sure how to set it up in the installation options? (im a linux noob) C: has win xp home on it and I want that left untouched as well as the D:
How can I set this up ? :help:
Any tips etc will be appreciated.

26-02-2005, 09:27 PM
Linux refers to partitions, hard drives and other IDE devices differently than Windows - it names them by order of IDE devices. The first Primary Master HDD is called hda, and then each partition on hda is given a number. 1 for the first, 2 for the second partition etc. A Primary Slave HDD is called hdb. Your CD/DVD devices are normally on Secondary Master, and therefore are called hdc, because it is also a IDE device.

Now, your Windows lives on your C which is the equivalent of hda1 (if there is only one partition, then it still gets called 1). You new Slave HDD has two partitions, hdb1 (D) and hdb2 (E). You will need to make sure SuSE uses the unallocated space (leave unformatted) on hdb2. The graphical installer will show you the available drives and partitions, so just make sure only hdb2 is selected. It will then further partition that partition into root ( / ) and swap automatically, and format it with ext3 (a Linux file system format) before installing SuSE onto it. When it comes to installing a bootloader (either Grub or LILO), let it install it onto the MBR. :)