View Full Version : Auto change your Screen - Error checking

28-08-2000, 07:54 PM
I am writing for a little bit of advice to do with your article ?Automatically change your screen? in your ?how to ? answer line? June 2000.

I have amended the batch file as follows:

start /w 'C:\downloads\multires.exe' /800,600,8
'C:\downloads\multires.exe' /800,600,24

I run this program at a school to change from 24 bit true colour to 256 colours then run Kidspic then change back to 24 bit true colour at the end.

What I have had trouble with is if the screen is already in 256 colour the batch file locks ? what I need is error checking.

If screen colour NOT 256 colours change to 256 colours
Do nothing.

Start KidsPic.

If screen colour NOT 24 bit true colour change to 24 bit colour
Do nothing.

I hope you can help?

Cheers Wayne