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20-02-2005, 08:29 AM
Have been having ongoing probs with PC turning off and seem to have solved it and all started going wrong again yesterday.
Got 2 virus alerts that said Win32/Mkar.k
Do virus check and nothing shows, have got new defs.
Search of google has no mention of these virus at symantec only at http://www.sophos.com/virusinfo/analyses/w32mkare.html but not the right "letter".
What should I do follow there directions and download the files there or what
Help appreciated

20-02-2005, 08:34 AM
what virus scanner? what os? do you have a firewall also?

20-02-2005, 09:00 AM
How do you know you have the Win32/Mkar.k virus if your Antivirus doesn't find anything when you scan your machine? What program gave the alert that you had this virus? Have you looked in the logs of your Antivirus program for more information eg location of the virus and whether it has already been cleaned by your AV when it gave that alert? :)

20-02-2005, 10:20 AM
OS is Xp, using Zone Alarm, AVG Free, plus adaware, spybot and housecall online scan.
Yesterday these little banners flashed up with AVG heading saying we had virus detected:
Win 32/Mkar.k, once it was moved to vault and deleted, next time it came up and disappeared before we could do anything. AVG encylopaedia doesn't even mention this virus.
Computer continues to crash..

20-02-2005, 10:58 AM
Interesting that it is not listed in the online AVG encyclopaedia. But I can find two recent mentions of it in the AVG/Grisoft forums. One of which states that the lastest AVG defintions are flagging false positives with Win32/Mkar.k - False detection of Genuine EA games files as Win32/Mkar.K on latest version of AVG Free (http://forum.grisoft.cz/freeforum/read.php?4,24591,24647#msg-24647).

The other poster just mentioned that AVG had found Win32/Mkar.k - see here (http://forum.grisoft.cz/freeforum/read.php?4,24521,24564)

If your virus location also has the _restore in the file path, then that just means a copy of the object that AVG is flagging as a virus is in a System Restore point and it cannot clean it out from there. Disabling System Restore, rebooting and then re-enabling System Restore will remove it from that save point as this purges all stored points. Does the AVG logs show more information about this object?

What did the online scans detect on your system?

With your crashing computer, you said you thought you had solved it before. What did you do then? When the PC just turns off, it is showing a blue-screen error or just completely powering down (not automatically restarting?). Were you doing anything particular (like gaming) when the computer just shuts down or it is completely random time wise and activity wise?

20-02-2005, 11:14 AM
Thanks for help.
1. I have tried turning off system restore and turned it back on. When I did try to use system restore it wouldn't work, said couldn't even though there were lots of restore points.
2.have just looked in test results and they say OK, but notice that the number of objects they are scanning has dropped by 1000?? I have not changed the settings, as if they are not scanning all computer
3. Have just tried to use HOUSECALL on,line and it just keps turning off.
4. When it crashes,It seems as if its hibernating but doesn't wake up when you touch a key and have to manually restart.
5. When does it happen when playing games, excel or just random, come back in room and its off again.
Will go and read the articles you mentioned and get back.

20-02-2005, 11:27 AM
Try something like the Symantec or Trendmicro free online scan to doublecheck

20-02-2005, 11:41 AM
I think you may have a few issues here. First off all, do you have much free space on your hard drive? Go into My Computer, right-click on the C drive and select Properties. What does this show?

Next, making sure you don't have Hibernation enabled (to rule this out as causing a problem). Go into Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > Power Options. Disable Hibernation if selected. Also have a look at the Power Schemes tab and make sure you don't have monitor etc set to turn off after X amount of time. This is just to rule out one of these options being behind the apparent hibernating appearance. Did you notice if the computer sounded like it was still running during these crashes, eg you can hear fans noise, the CD tray will open and close and the hard drive activity light still flickers?

With your System Restore, by turning it off and restarting the computer it will purge all restore points. Over time they will start to build up again. So if you disabled System Restore and then went and tried to use a Restore point soon after, there would be none (or a couple depending on the time frame) to choose from. If you can see there are restore points yet you cannot use them, have a look at this MS Knowledge Base Article - How to troubleshoot the System Restore tool in Windows XP (http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=302796).

20-02-2005, 12:26 PM
Have downloaded Symantec to trial instead of AVG seem AVG have noted a problem with this ?virus and have no definition.

2. 2 Drives, main one C only 1/2 used 40Gb free.

Trying to do full symantec scan but crashes out.

Can still hear fans going and open CD drawers but doesn't reactivate when touch a key.
Checked Hibernation is not on and have marked to never turn off monitor, hard drives etc..but they still obviously are.
Re system restore, it was before I purged them and I could see all the saves, but it wouldn't accept them..so will go and read article mentioned

Back to drawing board

20-02-2005, 12:46 PM
Well I think we are narrowing down the cause of your system "crashes". It appears that only the monitor is blanking out because the rest of the system is still running. Did you notice whether the monitor light went off, or went orange or green? Try turning the monitor off/on again next time the screen goes blank and see what happens. Also check to make sure the monitor cable is firmly in place in the back of the computer. Other causes of this could be a faulty graphic card, corrupt graphic drivers or the monitor is failing. If you have a spare monitor around, try swapping it and see if the problem goes away.

Do you have onboard graphics (embedded as part of the motherboard) or a separate AGP graphic card? If you are not sure about your hardware, you can download and run this free program which will tell you this information - EVEREST Home Edition (http://www.lavalys.com/products/overview.php?pid=1&lang=en&pageid=1).

Be interesting to see what the trial Nortons AV says about your machine and that virus.

20-02-2005, 01:37 PM
may a sweep of hijackthis! work?

21-02-2005, 09:32 PM
Funny enough...I too use AVG just as a secondary virus scanner. Don't trust it much and now that I have found this information, I really don't. I have two EA games installed, well more than that, but AVG falsly found two instances of this so-called Win32/Mkar.K virus after I ran a scan a few min ago. The original files were both an .exe file that has to do with registering the game thru EA. And I have to mention this...if you are totally just running out of options with your computer problem and reading through forums and articles is just not solving your problem, you could always head over to your local Best Buy and visit the Geek Squad. They will spend 5-10 min with you trying to determine your problem. If it's an easy fix, they'll send you on your way free of charge. If it turns out to be something major, Diagnostic fees are $59 and other charges vary.

22-02-2005, 06:56 AM
I had this too. False positive from AVG.