View Full Version : CD drive behaviour

27-08-2000, 07:43 PM
Interesting problem: I have 2 hard drives and a cd drive. Primary master is C, and slave is D, both almost identical models of the same make, both 4 gig. Secondary slave is my E CD. Whenever I run an explorer type of app such as Windows Explorer that shows contents of all drives, my CD drive auto runs whatever cd is in the drive at the time.

Previously I had the CD set as master on the secondary, with same problems. But when I had the cd drive as slave on the primary, and the second hdd (D) as primary on the secondary, the problem did not exist.

Have win98 (1st ed), Lucky-Star mum board (no name brand special), drives are Seagate 4.3 gb Ultra's, CD is Asus 40x, and all drives are ide, components are all late 1998 era.

I would love to get rid of the problem of the silly cd starting up each time I do a search or open win explorer and other such apps.