View Full Version : Inductors knocked off MSI KT4AV Mainboard

15-02-2005, 09:30 PM
I was recently trying to mount a heat sensor fan on my MSI KT4AV (MSI 6712) and had problems because the sensor part could not mount under the AMD K7 type CPU. When I inserted the CPU it would not sit properly in the socket without rocking around when I touched it, So I tried to use it as if it was a K8 type CPU where accordind to the instructions you mount the sensor at the edge of the heatsink, but my heatsink was a Thermaltake Volcano 9 which has a circular copper insert on the bottom. The heatsink needed to have a square copper insert right to the edge. I tried several different positions but when the heatsink and fan were mounted it did not look like it was seated evenly, so I never tried to start the mainboard and CPU. I finally found a position for mounting the sensor that enabled the heatsink and fan to look as though it was evenly seated, but the system would not start. The D bracket LED'S on the back of the case indicated a CPU problem. I had no other mainboard or CPU for swap testing, so I took it to a technicians shop. They told me that I had knocked off two tiny inductor components on the opposite side of the CPU socket from where the heatsink clip fastens to. I don't know how I could have done this because I used my fingers to fasten down the clip and no screwdrivers. I did this while the mainboard was outside the case lying on a piece of newspaper on the floor. The shop told me that they did not do any repair on mainboards and it would be probably cheaper to replace the mainboard so I let them go ahead. I still have the former mainboard. Does anyone know if it would be repairable and where could I send it? All that needs to be done is have the inductors replaced and soldered back on. It looks like it would require something like a good magnifying glass a steady hand and a very small soldering iron tip or it might have to be sent back to the factory. I don't really know.

Poppa John
15-02-2005, 09:47 PM
Procosm. Sorry but I cannot help you with the practical prt of your problem.
I can sympathise with you tho. That sinking sick feeling in your stomach when you realise what has happened. Yes I have been there too. Did you also say something 'naughty' like 'Toyota' or perhaps 'Goodness Me !!!!'
Keep smiling & be happy. PJ :badpc: :badpc: