View Full Version : Unable to play halflife using IHUG as ISP

26-08-2000, 10:59 PM
Since switching to ihug as my ISP, I haven't been able to connect any Halflife / Counterstrike multiplayer games. I have accounts with Xtra and Southnet which both work fine, but when I dial up using my IHUG account, the 'dots' within halflife which represent the quality of connection to the respective game, are either red (bad!) or garbage ping times. If I attempt to connect to the server I get either of the messages 'Cannot connect to server running different protocol' or just plain 'Cannot connect to server'.
If I disconnect and dial up using a different ISP, the same server works fine ?!!?
As far as I can tell, the various dial up settings for my accounts have the same config. settings, and ihug's help desk hasn't yet been of help.

Can anyone heeelppp?!