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11-02-2005, 03:46 PM
Hi,can anyone out there tell me if the latest motherboard will fit in a dell optiplex gx1 pc thanks guys

11-02-2005, 03:59 PM
Can i ask the logic behind naming a thread after yourself?

Anyhow....You could probally make it fit,You would need a new PSU though and would have to modify the case with a hacksaw/hammer combo.

And heat/airflow would be a major issue.

Seeing as you would be buying a cpu,ram etc to go with a new mobo you would be wise to get a case at the same time.

11-02-2005, 04:00 PM

11-02-2005, 04:01 PM
can anyone tell me if a latest m/board will fit in a dell optiplex gx1 :help:

11-02-2005, 04:03 PM
Could have sworn I already answered this.......

11-02-2005, 04:08 PM
Could have sworn I already answered this.......It sure looks that way. Your next post is your 666th - make it count.

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11-02-2005, 04:32 PM
666 the sign of the devil

11-02-2005, 04:35 PM
how do you define the latest motherboard? what motherboard?

11-02-2005, 09:45 PM
also which dell optiplex gx1 ?? a quick google shows they use 3 different cases and only one (mid tower) might be able to fit a different motherboard. also dell are known to use custom motherboards so the case might not fit standard motherboards.

its proberly best to use a new case and power supply.