View Full Version : Upgrading a P2 333mhz to a P2 400mhz

04-02-2005, 03:37 PM
Hi all, my kids computer is a P2 333mhz. Could i put a P2 400 mhz prosessor in it?.
Would it be a straight swap?
Do i need to up grade the bios?.
The P2 400 mhz prosessor has this written on it; "400/512/100/2.0v S1" and the kids computer specs are;

DigitalTM PC 3500 - Technical Specifications
Model/Processor speed/Type/Enclosure:
DigitalPC 3500 low-profile/short-tower
- 233MHz Pentium® II processor
- 266MHz Pentium II processor
- 300MHz Pentium II processor
- 333MHz Pentium II processor
Processor Socket
Slot 1 connector
System Memory
Cache Memory
32KB primary cache
512KB four-way, set-associative secondary cache standard
Integrated PCI 64-bit graphics controler with 2-D/3-D graphics acceleration; 2MB SGRAM
AGP card (optional)
Supports up to 1600 x 1200 @ 75Hz
Low-profile Total: 4
PCI: 1
ISA: 1
AGP: 1
Short-tower Total: 6
PCI: 2
ISA: 2
AGP: 1
Low-profile Total: 4
1 3.5" slim-height (1.44MB diskette drive installed)
2 5.25" half-height
1 3.5" slim-height
Short-tower Total: 6
1 3.5" slim-height (1.44MB diskette drive installed)
3 5.25" half-height
2 3.5" slim-height
External Ports
Enhanced parallel (ECP/EPP): 1 D-type female 25-pin
High-speed 16550-compatible serial: 1 D-type male 9-pin
Universal Serial Bus (USB): 2
VGA Graphics: 1 D-type female 15-pin
Keyboard: 1 PS/2-compatible 6-pin mini-DIN
Mouse: 1 PS/2-compatible 6-pin mini-DIN
Power Supply
Low-profile: 145W, 230/115VAC switch-selectable
Short-tower: 200W, 230/115VAC switch-selectable
Height: 4.2in. 105.7mm
Width: 16.5in. 419.1mm
Depth: 17.75in. 450.8mm
Weight: 31.2 lb 14.1kg
Height: 16.0in. 406.4mm
Width: 8.5in. 215.9mm
Depth: 17.5in. 444.5mm
Weight: 33.6 lb 15.2kg
Multilevel Security
Secure BIOS for firmware tampering prevention
Built-in BIOS password protection
User and supervisor passwords
Diskette drive write control
Time-out variable in BIOS to trigger APM system-suspend mode
Flash ROM write protection
Diskette drive boot control
Security hasp
Hot key keyboard lockout
SMART disk support
SMART monitoring
Wake-on timer
Regulatory Certifications
EMI/safety: UL-listed, CSA, TUV-GS, Australia (AS/NZS 35-48), CE-Mark, FCC (class B), D-Mark (DEMKO), N-Mark (NEMKO), S-Mark (SEMKO), FIMKO (SETI), VCCI-2, Korean EMI, CISPR-22, CB (European), TCO'95, PC 97-compliant, US Energy Star (low-profile models)
Software Preinstalled
Windows NT 4.0 or Windows® 95
DIGITAL ClientWORKSTM (Desktop Management Interface [DMI] manageability software)
Microsoft® Internet Explorer
Adobe® AcrobatTM Reader
Power Panel for Windows NT
PC Care Diagnostics for Windows 95
system specific drivers and utilities
Online "About Your System" HTML help file
System Readme, and other software documentation
AMI Diagnostics (DOS-based)
Microsoft ZAK on system software CD
Certified Operating Systems
Windows 95, Windows NT®
4.0, Novell® NetWare®
386 3.12 and 4.11 (client)
Other Standard Features
Intel 440LX chip set
Ultra DMA/33 disk controllers
Voltage regulator module to support Pentium II processor
Slide-in, slide-out motherboard
3-button Mouse

04-02-2005, 03:42 PM
I would say it should be a straight swap.

Speedy Gonzales
04-02-2005, 03:43 PM
If the motherboard cant go beyond 333 mhz then no it wont work. You could try a BIOS update, if there is a later one.

If the site or manual says the max CPU is 333 then no, putting a 400 mhz cpu in, might stop it from booting.

If the motherboard does support beyond 400 mhz, then yes a straight swap would work. As soon as you replace the CPU.

04-02-2005, 03:56 PM
Is the 440LX limited to 66Mhz bus?

The chipset will be the limitation I suspect, and a BIOS upgrade would not fix that.

I was under the impression that 333 was the upper limit before you needed a 100 MHz chip.

04-02-2005, 04:17 PM
Is the 440LX limited to 66Mhz bus?

The chipset will be the limitation I suspect, and a BIOS upgrade would not fix that.

I was under the impression that 333 was the upper limit before you needed a 100 MHz chip.

You are correct, I could only get 75 MHz bus out of my old ABIT LX6 at the most (which got the 333 -> 375).

The speed increase is hardly worth the effort of even opening the case anyway.

04-02-2005, 04:47 PM
okay.Thanks for the replys everyone. Guess i'll pack as much ram into it as i can and leave it at that.

Graham L
04-02-2005, 05:36 PM
Have a look inside the lid for a "map" of the motherboard. It might show the available clock options and the jumpers for each. But if other sources show the fastest CPU as 333, they're probably right.

Murray P
04-02-2005, 07:20 PM
Head for Turners Auctions, or similar, when they have one of their computer auctions on. You could pick up a more powerful system for less than the $2-250 P11 400's are going for on Tradme.