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31-01-2005, 06:56 PM
Hi, I used to think I was really really clever but after a format and reinstall of Windows 98SE I am beginning to wonder... I have a IBM 2264 15" CRT monitor, and when Windows was loading for the first time its clever Plug and Play decided to use a basic driver for the CRT. Now I am stuck with 640 X 480 pixels and 16 colours (these are the best choices when I look in "settings").

No problem I thought, I went back in and selected my choice of driver (Windows 98SE lists a driver for a IBM 2264). I thought I followed the installation process OK but when I restarted my computer, I got a message saying that windows had detected my CRT and was loading a driver for it. You guessed it, it was the same basic driver I didn't want. When I subsequently looked in "device driver", the driver I had selected was listed (so I must have installed it, right?) right underneath the basic ("bad") driver I thought I had over-ridden.

How do I tell Windows that I want MY choice of driver to go in, and also not to over-ride MY choice? After all, Windows lists the blasted driver I do want and does invite me to change drivers if I want to. This is frustrating, what step am I missing?



31-01-2005, 07:21 PM
I would imagine the step your are missing is the diver for your video card.....

31-01-2005, 07:45 PM
you need to install ALL drivers. start with the most important...the motherboard drivers. then you can install the video card, monitor, modem, lan, sound etc.

01-02-2005, 11:58 AM
Thank you very much to both Metla and tweak'e. I have more colours and definition now.

A comment: This hardware man smiles ruefully and wonders, do I really really have to get involved in software? I trust it even less now, after following the excellent advice I have received on here, and then playing with my new-found skills. You see, after loading the proper drivers for both monitor and video card which were in fact listed by Windows, I still didn't get any better result. So, after wasting a few hours with different mixes of video driver and monitor driver, then deleting them and trying again, I got the best result using the default monitor (which Windows always wanted to choose anyway in preference to the correct one which it had in its own list) and "super VGA" video driver (not the correct one which Windows DID want to choose for me in this case). Of course, Windows grizzled that I wasn't using the "correct" video driver and gave me all sorts of dire warnings, but it all works better now. It's a funny old world.

Thanks again for the help.