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Merlin Ambrosius
27-01-2005, 09:00 AM
Hi there people.
I have a wee problem.
Last night when the computer was turned off all was well.
Turned on this morning and the screen resolution is at the lowest (4bit).
And when I try to change this, it only has the one setting.
I try as 'Start/Settings/Control Panel Double click on Display then on settings 'Tab' the slider can not be moved, as mentioned before only the one setting (lowest 4 bit).

HP Pavilion 6700
256 mb Ram

At the moment with the screen the way it is I can barley see the screen to write/read buggar all.
Hoping someone can shed a little light on this problem, or maybe there is a damn inbuild card on this computer that have thrown a woobly. :angry :annoyed:

cheers merlin a ;-)

ps sorry if this is not submitted right cause I can not prview the thread, quite a lot of the screen is in darkness, please shed a little light on this. :help: :badpc:

27-01-2005, 09:06 AM
perhaps the sytsem has lost the video drivers lol it happens......if you are running xp or ME run system restore and set the system back to yesterday

Merlin Ambrosius
27-01-2005, 02:09 PM
Thanks for that.
I was that pe'ed off that I didn't even think of restore :annoyed:
Had to go back a week for it to work, but it is now ok. :thumbs:

One thing I did notice thou was that I had uninstalled two progs ie: 'MS one note 2003 and ms publisher 2003', both trial versions.
And when restarting the computer it wanted to re-install them both, I had to go to the 'Task Manager' and under Applictions "End Process there" hope all is ok on that score ,will see when I shut down and restart tomorrow, not doing it today now as I just got computer so as I can see everything again. ;)

cheers merlin a ;-) :dogeye: