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24-01-2005, 12:58 PM
hey guys hope sum 1 can help me coz i'm stumped. :help:

i just installed norton system works 2005 on my pc. it recommended i uninstalled any other antivirus i was running before installing but i didn't want to remove anything until norton was running :@@: , i had panda titanium a.v. thats prob wots caused my problem.
(also i got XP with sp2 running)

the problem: when i restarted my pc, as you do after install, only the task bar appeared. i could move my mouse but no click/right click/drag box. when i put the cursor over the task bar i got the timer symbol.
thinkin it was jus running slow i left it for a while (4 hours) still no change.
So i restarted pc by button. this time my desk top items appeared but still cudn't click or select them. tried booting this way a few more times and leaving but never got furhter than that.

how to resolve? shud i start in safe mode and try uninstalling norton and beginning again? (thot of that but don't know how to get safe mode -i'm a dumbass- i think it's f2 on start up but please correct me and help me)

also no keyboard comands work for poppin open start menu either jus so you know.

thanks in advance.

24-01-2005, 01:06 PM
to get into safe mode press f8 while booting
I think this proberly your best bet to uninstall then if that fails restore points