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23-01-2005, 11:12 PM
now whats she talking about this time?????????

Now i put this i here cos its chatty not geeky..... and it could go way OT....better here than in there a.......

Ok been wondering.... :stare: (I know)

Why you got your first puter,
yes why you got it and do you regret ever getting one, cos look what its done to your life now??? good / bad / otherwise.....

How far you came with it...... did it start you off on the current track you are on?
are you pleased?

How far you might have gone without one?

I realise that if i had never decided to retrain, i would never have got lemon.... :eek: oh well thats a releif.....ha
what a tortuous 2 years thats been.
but yeah if i hadnt of had a puter and had a good friend put me onto PF1 i may never have got here.......

oh hell thats sad....imagine what you guys woulda missed out on if i hadnt of arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i find it hard to imagine now what i would be doing with all this time if i 1) didnt start retraining, and 2) get a comp in the first place.

I am pleased, not pleased i had lemon, but pleased i found you guys, and made some really good friends and probably some enemies???

and some major gooff offs, stuff ups and one or 2 :o moments id rather forget.....

i have been about for near on 2 yrs!!!!!!!!!!!!! whoa.....terrirised Metla for at least half of that, and scared a lot of people silly, and made some fall off there chairs, or burn there....um bits.......while looking at a seamingly nice screenine....:D

made some great memories, made some major computer knowledge points....

and managed to kill a few comps programs and other assorted equipment...

and all in the name of Computer learning....

Thanxs people, hope that some of us will get together one day, and if not, that we each help another person in our own special way, and that We wanganui people dont either put metla off or scare him silly too much...... and i really gotta find him some new slippers.....:p

post whatever ya want, no flames or derogitorys please.

memorys and laughs appreciated.

luvs ya


23-01-2005, 11:27 PM
1980, got one because I could. Taught myself programming (real programming using low level assembler code).

And I have probably earned more in subsequence than I would had I not ventured into the field.

Regrets are that I never then had the opportunity to run a Motel. In which case I would have done even better?

24-01-2005, 01:42 AM
that i got an extra 512mb of ram and upgraded from the athlon64 3000+ i got to something a bit more gruntier

24-01-2005, 02:55 AM
You would get hung alive if you posted that over at OCNZ forums Beet. :p

24-01-2005, 09:38 AM
Why you got your first puter,

The laptop is my first personal (work and home) machine and about 18 months old now. Wouldn't be without it.

We've had computers at work for about 7 years now, which makes us very late starters, but we also saved tens of thousands of dollars in delaying the move. FYI we relied on Xerox wordprocessors before that and they were brilliant.

My wife has had a personal computer at home since 1994 because she was self-employed for a while and wrote a couple of local history books. But I rarely used it even when we went online in 1997.

I'd like a wide-screen and better graphics card but all things come to those who wait. ;)

24-01-2005, 10:15 AM
Got first on in 1999 after hours and days without sleep trying to convince parents. Got completely hooked since. Longest I've been without it is probably 9 days, or a week if you take count the one hour I spent at an unknown internet cafe in central Sydney on my own while the others went and had lunch. It was too hard to see computers and not go near it.

Speedy Gonzales
24-01-2005, 12:00 PM
Why did I?

Hmmm yup, I could and I did. Started off with Commodore 64, then Amiga, BUT then when the Amiga died, well decided to build a few PC's.

Started off with 1 computer, then flatmate got interested in playing online, so built another. No regrets. She can do her thing, I can do mine.

Saved myself a LOT of money, getting my own parts, and assembling them, than buying a whole system, already made up, and full of useless software.

24-01-2005, 12:45 PM
Got my first computer beg of 97. AMD K5 PR166 32MB sdram[Win95]. It's name was FRED [F*****g Ridiculous Electronic Device]. Bought with part of voluntary redundancy payout. Can only remember it packing a sad twice. 2nd time it got into a restart cycle a.1999, couldn't get out of it, ripped off by a techie who reckoned he could fix it but didn't, packed up box and its workings and put in caravan for storage [it's still there], but sold screen, keyboard, printer,scanner etc.

Mar'2004 I got a Toshiba notebook [WinXP pro SP1]. Things had progressed so much in 7 years, everything I had learned no longer applied. But I love it.

In 1997 had McAfee, lived on the internet, didn't catch any viruses etc, when you did a search you didn't have to sort through a lot of crap like you do now, the internet was just as fast as it is now on dial-up, don't recall being on a forum, and I'm pretty sure it was PCWorld mags that I scoured through to decide which computer I would get. This time round went for something more mobile, and one that had most parts with same brand all through it. Those were the days :)

24-01-2005, 01:55 PM
Got my first computer when I was 2 or 3, played on it all the time - used to use paint (the program) on father's laptop, which I still have (it's a 286). Left the country, didn't have one for a while - but did enjoy using the uncle's typewriter. Got back and persuaded parents to buy a PC for school work (hehehe.), that was mid 1998. Got a P266 from Telecom (God bless them) in 2000, the first PC I could call mine and actually use. It lasted me until mid 2003, when I bought a PC off a friend - Word 2000 just wouldn't run on the old P266 without crashing, and reformatting was fast becoming old.

Besides, that was the time I started playing counter-strike, and the 300x400 resolution coupled with the 33.6k modem (that I was generously given from by obert6655 from his old PC before we took a crowbar to it) on top of the massive freezes to load section of the map every two minutes, meant that I could not successfuly achieve l33t super h4><0|2 n00b pwnage status in good time.

6 months after the PC from me mate, I spent my last 9 year's savings and bought my first PC and built it from parts. Took a month to arrive, with really crap sales people and horrendous service on the part of those I bought the parts off.

Been adding to it ever since :D

Admittedly, I learnt an enourmously large amount about computers during the 5 years I had a sub 300MHz system - Windows 95 was legendary.

24-01-2005, 02:43 PM
Why you got your first puter, It was many years ago, probably '96. A dear friend had just decided it was time for her to move out from my home after over a year resident She had decided to no longer be my lover, and i was a bit sad on it really......

So any way, i decided to get my self a computer and check out this "internet" thingy i'd heard about. First i got a 486 that didn't even get named, then i got rid of it and spent $3K on a P166 which we named Vanessa at the insistence of another ex flatmate who had a rather large ego! Vanessa (the computer) ran on windoze!

My next Machine was Sam, and not named after anyone, nor was Sam named after the fact that Sam ran Samba, and various other server type programs. Sam was my introduction to Linux, Ran SuSE 8.0 pro, and soon became my main machine. This left Vanessa the job of running Kazaa and being the bearer of the CD writer.

Sam is now reduced to 2 HDDs waiting for a box to install them them into.

Vanessa is still packed up in a corner here, waiting for me to get my act together and get some kind of gateway machine set up such as Sam2, plus the associated cabling and stuff that goes with a network. Because i'm very lazy, i now just run a laptop that i have named "flaptop" after someone elses humorous childhood misconception.

Having these toys has helped stimulate my tiny wee braincell, and has become eventual for communicating in my business. I generally find that those who organise things by email are those that get work done. Where as those that just leave it till the last minute and expect to just make a couple of phone calls.... well um ... We leave them behind. :rolleyes:

It must be said that i have made friends through this medium,as well as rediscovering old ones that otherwise would have been lost forever. :thumbs:

24-01-2005, 03:01 PM
I invented computers,not long after in a fit of boredom i invented the internet.

True story,page 1263 of the bible.

24-01-2005, 05:06 PM
I had been using computers in a work environment, but when I retired I felt I needed a home one, partly to assist my wife in her genealogy endeavours. I bought an XT, green screen,no HD, twin 360k floppies, in 1988. I still have the receipt for $1195.
Mind you, this was no ordinary XT, it was a TURBO !! Gee ...
The first switch-on was a serious moment, followed soon by the inevitable upgrade path... Happy days .

24-01-2005, 05:37 PM
Fascinating thread. Like TonyF I felt compelled to pull out the invoice for my first computer.

I bought it on June 12th 1996 (ahhhhh the day I became self-employed, and no looking back) from PC Direct (no I wasn't serv{ic}ed by Sharon...) and I can't believe how much I paid for it. It was a PC Direct Vortex 565TI, with a Pentium 133MHz processor (my mates were impressed) with 24Mb of RAM (upgraded from 16Mb), 15" monitor, 1.7Gb HDD, 3.5" FDD, CD-ROM, Windows 95, Office 95 and an external 28.8k modem - this cost me $4,818.37 plus an additional $786.38 for a Panasonic laser printer.

Can you believe it cost $299+GST for an external modem 9 years ago? Plus I bought a surge protector for $129+GST. :@@: That PC is long gone, and I have owned a few since, but the surge protector is still going strong!

I wrote some billing software in 1996 for the P166 PC and I'm still using that exact same software today. :thumbs:

There are 4 PC's under the desk right now, the fastest is a P4 2.66GHz HT PC but my favourite is an ex telephony P2 450Mhz MMX server-grade PC running Windows 98 that I picked up from the auctions 6 months ago for $40. It's what I'm using right now plus I use it for my work. I can't believe this PC cost less than 1% of my first PC!


24-01-2005, 06:20 PM
hhhmm, my first pc...... ah thats right, my trusty old 166, man that thing was a beast, back in the day of course, i was using that right until 2003 until i brought my p4.
ive still got my 166 and its still going, a good old back up system....

24-01-2005, 09:34 PM
Wa-hey.. Back in the dim dark ages (about '84) I picked up an excuse for a computer, called the SEGA SC3000. Everything was on rom cartridges, including whatever version of basic you wanted to tinker with. They called it a '48kb ram' comp but that was including vram of 16kb. It was plasticky, icky and the software, games included, was prehistoric (remember pong anyone?).

I was so happy when I upgraded to one of those superpowered Amstrad CPC464's with cassette drive and all... Spent a lot of time saving up for the deluxe colour screen (16 colours or something, my memory ain't too hot). It cost $600 odd for the comp and $750 odd for the screen. Then I got into dept trying to pay for it and had to sell it... :xmouth:

Strange thing is, they never used to crash. BSOD was unheard of... :D

24-01-2005, 10:02 PM
My first computer that personally paid for and owned is this one, bought about 2 years ago.......well kind off. The only thing that is still from the original is the floppy drive :eek: gaming, upgrading, blowing the mobo tends to change the comp in a hurry :D

But my dad bought an IBM PC-JX and I was brought up on that. All that 4.77Mhz powered goodness and it came with a 3 1/2 drive and 256Kb of mem.
So I was given the power of pc-dos 3.20 to start with.
Only trouble was there was no software out on 3 1/2 at that stage(imagine only using software that came out on dvd today :dogeye: ) so after about a year we changed to an IBM clone (clonewars :D ) which was 4.77/8 Mhz with a 5 1/4 drive and a 4 Mb hardrive, and with ms-dos rather than pc-dos.

Then buy,sell,upgrade,buy....... and so on :D

24-01-2005, 10:12 PM
Further to my earlier message, I still have a fully working computing device I got in 1946 in Japan. Made of bamboo, fine on multiplying/dividing etc, not any good for adding.(not an abacus..) Does many things faster than punching numbers into a calc. Terry will have one of these, of course ...

Billy T
24-01-2005, 10:23 PM
Bought a second hand Gamma 486 DX33, 8MB RAM and 250MB HDD, DOS 6.11 and WFWG 3.11 for $2000 when I took the leap and went self employed late 1993. That wasn't a bad price or spec either at that time. It was dead reliable too, never gave a moment's trouble.

I needed a colour printer though, so I bought a Canon BJC600 and that cost $1875 trade! I spent $2-3000 on ink cartridges for that printer over the years.

I still have my second computer (LCS P166, 256MB RAM, 3 HDDs and W98) running as a print server and backup storage machine.

There are three more Desktops and two laptops running here as well now, but they have nowhere near the nostalgia value of that old 486. I learned DOS and all my basic computing on that machine.


Billy 8-{)

Ash M
24-01-2005, 10:57 PM
I remember when mom and dad bought our first P.C from PC direct. I remember it clear as day back in 1992 or 1993, being told by the P.C Direct sales person that we should go for a 286, as he couldn't think of anything that would require the processing power that the 386 had.... boy was he wrong.

PC ran a program called (I think) Main Menu, which ran over DOS from which we could run all our dos games and apps. I think from memory Windows 3.1 was installed as well.

24-01-2005, 11:34 PM
I picked up from the auctions 6 months ago for $40.

Holy moly, you people have got to tell me where you get these auctions from!

24-01-2005, 11:36 PM
Well since I beleive around 1994 or so we had a 286. I know nothing of the specs as I wasn't into computers at that time (this was my dad's, I had no money etc, I would only have been about 4 when we got it. It had a 5 1/4" floppy and a 5 1/4" hard drive, around 25MB I think. I started taking any interest at all when I was about 6, and would write things in the word processor. I needed Dad to get me into the word processor though. It had a program called Main Menu loaded.

One day, I accidentally got into it's BIOS and noticed that you could change the heads / cylindars / sectors. I thought this was cool fun, and put them all up to 16, 65536 or whatever they would go to, thinking it was like, tuning the hard drive or something. Obviously it couldn't boot up anymore, and we didn't have the knowledge to reset the values or the money to take it into a shop. So we had no PC, and I became disinterested in the buggers.

Later in 1997, dad saw an ad for a Compaq Presario 2230 (200Mhz 486, 16MB Ram, 2.1GB hard drive, Win95 and IE) - and a 33.6 modem. It was $1500, which was a really really good price at the time, so we bought it.

Compared to our last one, everything about the interface was welcoming and exciting - this was a leap from Dos to Windows 95 - a very big leap. I liked the PC, and developed a large amount of knowlege. Soon I knew more than Dad.

At one point we upgraded to 48MB of Ram.

Gradually, I began to hate its slowness and non-upgradeability (no ISA or PCI slots).

Over the years, I began to buy and upgrade my own PCs. My enteprenuerial side came out of the dark. I spent my life savings, $230, on a 486/66Mhz off T&E. 24MB Ram and a 600MB hard drive.

About 2 months later I got sick of it and sold it for $250. Then for $230 I bought a 486 DX4/100Mhz with 36MB Ram and an 853MB hard drive + Windows 98.

By this time my life savings were back up in existance again, so I bought a CD-Rom drive at DSE for $109. Wow, they were cheap by then.

Later that year CD-R drives came out. They were over $700, and the discs around $7 a pop.

I bought a series of computers over that time, and also a 1X CD-RW for $175, a bargain.

In 2000, we bought a new PC *cough*Lemon*cough* from the PC Company, for the amazingly low price of $2300 - a custom made one. 1.1Ghz. It is still dad's PC. It sucks.

2004 is when things actually happened. At the start of that year, 333Mhz was blazingly fast for me, something out of my reach. I wanted a PC badly as my P75 @ 100Mhz had died (mobo failure).

One day it was given to me - our neighbours broken Celly 333. I bought a new motherboard for it for $75 (included 96MB Ram and another 333Mhz Celly). Put it together and sold it for $165. That set me off.

In May I turned 14, and around then I made my business, making PCs and selling them. I moved to new PCs a few months later. Then I could afford better and better.

Rapidly I progressed through PCs.

- PIII 500Mhz, 128MB Ram, 3GB Hard drive
- Upgraded to 4Gb hard drive in a big hurry as 3Gb was making graunching noises, upgraded to 192MB ram
- Swapped for PIII 733Mhz, 10GB hard drive, 192MB Ram.
- Added more Ram so I had 256MB
- Swapped for Cel 1.2Ghz, 30GB hard drive, 256MB Ram
- Added more Ram so I had 384MB
- Secretly swapped 30Gb hard drive for my Dad's 40GB without him knowing (used a drive imaging program to swap the data).
- Finally took the plunge and got a Celly D 2.4Ghz, 512MB Ram, 40Gb hard drive. Many parts were taken from old PC. Got a DVD-ROM drive.
- Filled the 40GB very rapidly, bought a 120GB. Filled it too, getting a 200GB ASAP but no channels left :(.

Left out heaps of random stuff, but I am sick of typing and you are undoubtedly sick of reading.

24-01-2005, 11:42 PM
Get yerself a PCI IDE expansion card, George. Not the best, but it works.

25-01-2005, 12:26 AM
And BTW no regrets. Still young enough to think that a computer isn't frivolous ;) :D

Besides where else could I put my newish graphics card :thumbs:

25-01-2005, 01:34 AM
Get yerself a PCI IDE expansion card, George. Not the best, but it works.

That's exactly what I will be doing agent. But first I have to save for a hard drive, I'm pretty broke atm (bought an MP3 player a week or so ago).

Managed to free 20 or 30 gigs anyway, by encoding some raw VOB files into DivX :)

26-01-2005, 06:07 PM
1992 we got a 386SX-25 w/ 2MB, 50MB HDD and 5.25" FDD from one of those stores which closed down. We got sold a preinstalled copy of Dos 5.0. We didn't knew much back then.

Well, we learnt a lot and became computer geeks. It did make us unproductive, playing games, sharing games with other students. Regretted? Maybe. We did bugger all playing games, on the BBS and using a color dot matrix printer. We didn't have scanners, took any serious learnings off the PC or have the internet or email back then. Was in uni in 1997 and Internet had to be purchased on a voucher basis per hour. Free email were done on Macs Eudora or some sussy application on Windows 95 on the backbone of a NT infrastructure. My first internet connection was Ihug the Diamond Account for flatrate at $40nz. That was good at uni so useful of hte PC but the internet was a let down too. Played too much, too less work.

26-01-2005, 06:16 PM
We learnt a lot from accicdental formatting esp the low level format in BIOS and installed various parts into the PC. We from that to a AMD 200MHz 64MB, a odd video card, 3" floppy, 1GB HDD, new monitor, scanner, printer CD ROM, Sound Card (the famous Sound Blaster 16). All of which we are still using now.

Hey .. but now, I have used various latpops, one Tosh at a 486DX4-75 to a Thinkpad PI to a PII and now PIII with DVD-ROM and LAN internally. STill have the 200MHz PC thou and working fine, goes online with its 56k model now and then, runs AVG and various spyware detectors blah blah.. with of course MS Ofrice as used during school days. Thou I think the 8yr old scanner has crapped up.

STill with dialup thou gotten into the LAN cards but not used at all now. I rather tug my laptop to the desktop's printer. Don't have WLAN yet.. or a DVD Wrtier or any of the 3D cards. Maybe soon eh? And a TV Tuner too!