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21-01-2005, 03:30 PM
Howdy folks can any one please help me with the following problem.
I have xtra jetstream on a 1G cap per month. Problem is 1G gone in 3 weeks thanks to spam emails. I have selected mark spam on email filter and send to deleted items folder in inbox.
I want of course to have spam emails at source (xtra) but I cant because xtra marks Trademe search emails as spam. I use TradEme to buy tools and stuff as my hydraulics business expands.
I have contacted xtra but they have given me as much help as Neville Chamberlain gave to Czechoslavakia when the Germans invaded in 1939. The same amount of help as given by the local community in South Auckland to the police after a girl was raped there a few weeks ago.
This is a case of spammers costing me real money as it will cost more Judy Baileys to get a bigger cap than 1G.


21-01-2005, 04:11 PM
Get your TradeMe emails sent to a Gmail account; then you can get XTRA's spam filter to delete the spam at source.

Speedy Gonzales
21-01-2005, 04:19 PM
Disable xtras spam filter and get something like Spampal.

Just like Ihug. They gave their spam filter to users for free, it sux. I disabled it from the site, and use Spampal. Any spams I blacklist the whole domain lol

You can also make a rule, in Outlook or whatever, and Spampal will delete it from the server before u see it.

And add people I know or ISP's I know to the whitelist.


Its free you can add trademe's email / domain to it (it uses a whitelist) and u can add spams to a blacklist and ban the whole domain, if emails from a ISP annoys u.

22-01-2005, 03:02 PM
I have xtra jetstream on a 1G cap per month. Problem is 1G gone in 3 weeks thanks to spam emails.
No way is it spam that is putting your over your cap.

If I gave each spam message a generous size of around 2k (most are less) - you would need to get 500,000 spam messages give or take to push through a gig of traffic.

An address I have dealt with was a catch all for support, info, helpdesk, help, email contact sysop sales etc @ myisp.co.nz - the addresses have been active and publicly advertised since the dawn of the intarweb. That mailbox, with all those aliases to it gets around 250 - 300 spam messages a day which is pretty heavy.

That is still only around 9000 messages a month - not even close to what you'd need to use a GB.

If you are getting 500,000 spam message a month (not that I believe this for an instant) then you should change your e-mail address, and probably be a bit more careful with it in future.

I think realistically though you should be looking elsewhere for the cause of your bandwidth drain.