View Full Version : What happened to color?

20-01-2005, 09:38 PM
Good evening,
Last night I downloaded the latest Longhorn Transformation Pack from www.tcmagazine.info/ ..... I have the OSX transformation pack (FlyakiteSP2) already installed. After installing the Longhorn pack i realised that whenever I started MSN Messenger or ICQ, the screen goes blank for about 2 seconds and then the image re-appears but the color has been changed down to 8 bit (which is horrible!). This never happened when I only had the OSX pack installed. I have tried to uninstall both transformation packs and reinstalling them but that won't solve the problem of diminishing color.
I have had both transformation packs installed before with no problems (albeit to say, that version of the Longhorn transformation pack was a previous one).

OS: Win XP Pro on SP2
Graphics: GeForce4 Ti4200 on the latest nvidia driver