View Full Version : Online Calendar for Windows mobile

sam m
18-01-2005, 08:18 PM
Hi all,
I have been using yahoo calendar for a couple of years. I have recently upgraded my Pocket PC to a Harrier and can now receive emails, texts and calls on the run but I have now uncovered a new problem.

In the past all my appointments were added to the yahoo calendar. I could sync this to my PC and then when my pocket pc was connected it would update my appointments.

This system is still viable with the Harrier but now that I have internet on the run I want to be able to update Yahoo calendar while out. The problem is that the software (internet explorer and netfront) wont let me operate the site as I would on the PC. Specifically on the Harrier I can access the site OK but the 'save' button on the site wont work via the Harrier.

I share my yahoo calendar with another organisation who can view my appointments without having to call me.

I read here (http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/assistance/HP052818641033.aspx) that outlook might work but I am not sure how to publish my outlook calendar online.

How can I publish my calendar (outlook 2003) online so that others can view and I can access via the Harrier?
or is there another program I can use?