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17-01-2005, 08:47 PM
We are getting Jet Stream soon and my set up is pretty strange so i have to see if its going to work or not ,

We have a laptop and a desktop, the router will be connected to the laptop ( D-Link DSL 504G: ) , this will be connected to the laptop which will have a Genius 54mbps card inserted into a pcmcia/pc card slot so it can be in a Domain network with the desktop ( desktop = server ) , there will also be an access point by the desktop computer ( Linksys WRT54GS ). Could i bridge the connection from the Router accross the wireless network so that other pc's that are using wireless can through the assess point use the internet..

18-01-2005, 10:33 AM
bump !!!

18-01-2005, 10:56 PM
Yes, you don't have to bridge anything though if I understand your setup correctly. I have had no experience with the DSL 504G but if the laptop has internet then all your network can have internet. Just a matter of sharing the laptop internet connection and pointing the other PC in the right direction. Only thing is with this setup the laptop will have to be always on.

19-01-2005, 01:17 AM
berryb is right,
Im not familiar with it, but AFAIK you could get added security if you run everything else through the laptop, and not have it bridged.

If its bridged then all traffic should pass straight thru.

If its _not_ bridged, but using ICS, then you could setup firewall rules etc :)