View Full Version : Free Anti Malware or Installation ID check???

11-01-2005, 06:52 AM
Reading the articles about this Micro$cam deal raises some interesting personall security issues.

The User/down loader must allow Micro$cam to validate the authentecity of the users machine S/W Before the download can commence.



We know Micro$oft allready have one of the, if not the, largest collection of creditcard data on the planett.

We know it is not that secure.

We Know it is a constant targett of criminalls, and regularly breached.

What other Voleware will be installed in this process??????

What other data will be collected as the user has "Authorised" the validation collection, and has no controll over what is checked, or what data is collected.

How many unknowing people will end up with Micr$cam saying you must pay us X, for Y, or we will have you prossecuted, as we can prove you have illegitimate S/W.

When they had no idea anything was incorecct about their Machines S/W.


MicroScam a scrabbeling for new Revenue streams to keep their shareholders off their backs.

The chances of this S/w turning into Subscription S/W is high.

The chances of it being linked to a subcription only Micro$cam only O/S in the not to distant future is also high.

Micro$cam have a policy of developing a Subcription only Micro$cam only controlled O/S.

Is this the thin end??????

Those considering changing O/S should probably be looking and learning, harder.

Those content to be Micro$cam victims will probably not have got this far.

These issues should be weighed carfully when considering this new Beta Voleware.