View Full Version : Installing a New Head Deck

Ash M
10-01-2005, 11:17 PM

A mate has asked me to install for him a new head deck into his new car.. A Mitsubishi GSR..

The head deck is a Pioneer 5650.

Now whilst I may have built like 50 computers, and thus the idea he must have got that I am completely 'electrically proficient' I haven't done this before.

Is it relatively easy to do?

I mean, am I going to be able to do any serious damage to it?

Anyone know the location of a good guide....

The head deck isn't new so warranty isn't an issue, but is it easyish or should we leave it to a pro?

10-01-2005, 11:39 PM
They are pretty easy to do, especially if another deck has been previously installed.
You just have to get the right connections sorted ie. permanent 12V,ignition,earth, aerial, electric aerial if it has one, front and back speakers and so on.
Actually sounds harder than it is :thumbs:

10-01-2005, 11:46 PM
Generally it's pretty straight forward, I've done a few.

Do a tidy job where possible, the stereo will have a "bunch-a-wires" coming out, if you're going to do a quick and dirty it would be nice to use a terminal block so everything is at least tidy and semi secure - twisting wires and electrical tape isn't cool.

This is a terminal block: http://tparker.customer.netspace.net.au//projects/wireless/dlink/terminal-block.jpg

The ones I did, I bought some small spade connectors from DSE and crimped them onto all the wires on the stereo so they could use the existing loom without damaging it - however since then it's gotten easier:

Best best at the mo, is to go to Super Cheap Autos (Repco may have them but I've only seen em at Super Cheap) - they have pre built wiring adapters from stereo to existing car loom for most major auto manufacturers, which makes it a cinch, plug the block in and join the adapter to the steereo. Add the aerial and you're done.