View Full Version : NT 4-5-6 Web security and firewalls.

06-01-2005, 01:21 AM

It is now 2005 many of us have been molested by: virus, worms, popups, diallers, hijackers, Ect, Ect.

It should by now be apparent to all that the NT family of operating systems run on the Internet with out an aftermarket firewall and aftermarket anti virus programs is a malware distributors paradise.

Said systems running Internet Explorer, even with these aftermarket programs are extremely vulnerable/a security risk.

These are undeniable facts. We may not like them: this does not make them false hoods.

It is very very sad that members of this forum, some of whom have been members for quiet some time, still refuse to accept these facts.

It is bordering on disinformation to the uneducated, when these members continuously violently deny these facts, and attack the presenters of these facts.

Deliberately misinforming the uneducated, is to say the least, dishonourable.

People should take a reality check before they start the repetitious, untenable defence of, Microsoft and Internet Explorer, again.

Fore it is a bit like trying to defend Osamad Bin laden, on charges of inciting Global Terrorism.