View Full Version : How do you get flash to play in a powerpoint viewer ?

05-01-2005, 04:11 PM
Now a hard one - The problem:

Having created a powerpoint presentation and having using activex to embed flash content, I can't get the presentation to show the flash when just using the viewer on a PC that does NOT have office installed.

Tried downloading and installing various versions of flash including the latest flash10 msi installer version.

Tried downloading the latest powerpoint viewer -still called powerpointviewer98 but the latest exe is now XP compatiable (exe is a little bigger too).

Tried pack and go, tried the new viewer etc. The powerpoint presentation all works EXCEPT the flas content which just shows the first image/frame of the flash content with no animation (static).

Any ideas, I tried to get this one going for days !

Note:works fine if the PC has MS Office installed, powerpoint has been resaved as a PPS from Office 2000 and XP and tried. However my audience can't afford MS Office.