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04-01-2005, 03:36 PM
I have searched PressF1 for what I need but to no avail.
My question is how do I know if my motherboard actualy has an IRDA port?
The bit of paper that come with computer says it has an Aristocrat Ascension 1200GigaPro motherboard with 1200 GigaPro cpu (AMD 900 integrated) SIS chipset.
I have tried searching with these words but with no success.
What do these plugs look like square round number of pins femal or male plug?
I have just bought a Nokia 6210 phone and want to use a DSE infrared thingy that plugs into m/board.
I dont want to use usb ports as the USB device is twicE as expensive and I dont have any spare usb ports.
Maybe I have to pull the mb out to get numbers, model, make.
Thanks in advance for any help forthcoming



04-01-2005, 04:04 PM
I'd suggest you take a hike through your BIOS setup and see if you can find any settings about IrDA.

My motherboard has a 9 pin connection labelled COM2 on which I can plug an IrDA connector, which fits into an empty slot on the back of my computer. The COM2 connection lists up to 10 pins, but it really has 9 - one in the corner is missing.

If you can find a connection fitting that description on your motherboard you might be in luck, but check in your BIOS as well.