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04-01-2005, 07:49 AM
cas rating 4. What does this mean? Is it any good?

Kingmax 512MB, DDR2-SDRAM, DIMM, DDR2-533. Anyone got an opinion.
Should I buy it?

Abit AA8XE-3rd Eye motherboard, Socket 775, 1066MHz FSB, 4xDIMM, DDR2, 1xPCIe-16, 3xPCIe-1, 2xPCI, 8xUSB 2, Firewire, Audio, ATA, SATA, RAID, LAN, ATX

PCI-Ex16 Graphic: What does this mean?? Does it mean I will need a new graphics card?


How would a P4 775 with 800 fsb work in a M/B with 1066 fsb.

At present P4's with 1066 fsb are too dear. Looking to the future for an upgrade.


Speedy Gonzales
04-01-2005, 08:43 AM
I suggest u read the manual for the mobo online.

And http://www.google.com or http://www.yahoo.com about PCI Express cards.

Pin 775 mobos are not as easy as pin 478 mobos to assemble, if you don't know what youre doing. And, I would say they're a bit more expensive to buy.

PCI Express is faster (connector has 36 pins) than PCI (which has 120 pins), and you wont fit a PCI card into a PCI Express slot. It's smaller.

So, yes you'll have to buy another videocard, that's PCI-Express compatible.

If u only have PCI slots. BUT since this mobo has normal PCI slots, if u have a PCI videocard, you should be able to utilise it.