View Full Version : My Linux Laptop Adventures

03-01-2005, 01:40 PM
My xmass pressie to myself, a Acer laptop from dse, Extensa 2303LC, on sale for $1280.00.
Celeron m 340, 256mb ram, 40 gig hdd, 15šlcd.
Booted my SimplyMepis live cd, deleted all partitions with qtparted including the hidden 3gig restore one. Created 1x 10 gig for xp, 1x512mb swap and 2 Linux partitions of around 14.5 gig each.
My first attempt at a Linux install was SimplyMepis, no sound and no modem.
Next up was Ubuntu, sound but no modem, running scanModem was a bit vague so a bit of help from :discuss@linmodems.org got me an answer, a connexant modem.
A fresh install of Mandrake 10 and a Linuxant modem driver and I am connected, Mandrake has correctly set up my sound, network, & X setup.
Gonna try Fedora Core 3 from my next APC magazine.
Overall a neat laptop at a good price.