View Full Version : dell latitude reinstall problems

11-08-2000, 07:49 AM
have reinstalled windows 95 version 4.00 950C 3 TIMES NOW twice a reformat and clean install and then an over write my problem is :
no power to the pcmcia slots i have downloaded the latest bios upgrade (only 1 week old)and also a diagnostics program from the dell site whic i ran and it says : no power to pcmcia slots - slots disabled BUT dosnt say how to turn slots back on there is no setting in the bios for this
also in system manager under other devices marked with a yellow ? AND yellow ! i have pci bridge ( twice )
pci card bus bridge
pci universal seriel bus
i have tried deleting but windows finds then at the next re-boot and tries to install them but cant find the drivers!
i also have deleted the pcmcia slot and then reinstalled it but then windows wants to load 32bit drivers SHOULD I LET IT DO THIS?
any help would be great
would win 98 be any better ?
i dont have the recovery disks so if any one is willing to copy them or lend me them the model # is
dell latitude CPI A366XT
....lastly the laptop had windows 2000 server installed when i got it but no disks could this have changed a setting ?