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28-12-2004, 08:45 AM
When will we see the likes of this here?

What is VOIP?
Your Phone Unleashed

Send Your Voice Over the Internet
For years you've sent written messages through the Internet with email. Now you can do the same thing with your voice messages.

VOIP (or Voice Over Internet Protocol) is the new way to make and receive phone calls. Vonage converts your phone calls into data that zips through your high-speed Internet connection. The big advantage with Vonage is that you can call anywhere at anytime for less money. And it's better than your traditional line because it expands the power of your phone.

Now Your Number Can Go Everywhere You Do
Vonage works with any touch-tone phone, corded or cordless. You can speak through a computer too with a Vonage-enabled SoftPhone. Either way you can make calls to any phone on Earth. The person you're calling doesn't need to have Vonage or an Internet connection on their side. Of course, if they do have Vonage, your calls to them will be free. We send you a free adapter when you sign up for service. Setup is easy. Plug it in and it installs automatically.

Here are a few examples of how Vonage puts this fascinating breakthrough to work for you.