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24-11-1998, 10:28 AM
Hi Juha

Many thanks for your reply regarding booting up from the CD ROM drive. Few points I like to clarify:

I copied the DOS driver to the start up diskette as you mentioned (The drive name is Vide-cdd.sys).

You mentioned the (Autoexec.bat) file. This file was not added by windows to the start up diskette, hence I presumed that you meant copying it to the start up diskette as well. This I?ve also done.

I edited both files on the diskette as you noted.

I tested the diskette to check if it reads the D:\ drive on booting up. It did not work!

When booting up from A:\ drive, the Autoexec.bat file ran and I got the following message:
Illegal option
Usage mscdex[/E/K/S/V] [/D:<driver> ? ] [/L:<letter>] [/M:<buffers>]

I should also say that I run (windows95 4.00.950 C) which is the most recent one I think.

I recently installed a second hand CD ROM and windows95 identified it and installed the proper driver for it. Although I got the DOS driver with it, but I?m not sure if it is the proper driver or not. Is there a way to know the proper driver name from windows and copying it to the start up diskette?

Many thanks